Journal Entry 27# There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia – Initial Documentary Questions

A Journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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For this journal entry, I need to pitch an idea out to the world. To gain relevant footage to be compiled together into something great, interviews are a key part of any documentary. Searching for keen interviewee’s willing to record themself answering a key list of questions is how I intend to obtain such clips. There the bulk of what There’s Is No Such Thing As A Utopia will be formed.

All who want to do this do not have film all questions below this paragraph due to overlapping points that are sure to be had. Regardless, if political or want to get some relevant opinions out to others, please consider contacting me for details. Mostly my response to those who are willing to do the work in filming themselves and sending it to yours truly. The following initial 75 questions are ideas that I have already written about, to be narrated with contributed recordings.

  1. What is your name and what do you do? (Introduction/Text)
  2. Why did you agree to be apart of this documentary?
  3. How do you describe your political idealogy? If not why do you not follow politics? (Left-Right or somewhere in between?)
  4. What is your definition of a utopia?
  5. Can hope be distorted?
  6. How important is the nuclear family?
  7. What do you think about your current community?
  8. Do citizens live in a harmonious state psychologically?
  9. How important are the ideas of integrity, pursuit, and design?
  10. What is your moral definition of political correctness?
  11. Human problems or narrowed niche biases?
  12. What radical or extreme methods are fair?
  13. Why are most radical or extreme methods are an eye for an eye making the world blind?
  14. How do you help people full of hatred?
  15. Is outrage porn?
  16. When is an emotional reaction of the heart noble?
  17. Are you afraid to express independent thought?
  18. What are the pros and cons between freedom of speech and freedom of expression?
  19. Is there a lack of individuality and/or leadership in the world? What amount of mentorship is worth it?
  20. Will modern tribalism ever change?
  21. What is the difference between the majority contra to the minority?
  22. Is culture appropriation so bad?
  23. Does racism exist?
  24. Should there be guilt in matters that don’t involve you?
  25. In class systems, will there always be people at the bottom?
  26. How does nature vs nurture involved in civilization?
  27. Where is the line drawn above inequality?
  28. How do you value beyond good and evil?
  29. Will, there be a need for rights when equality is correct?
  30. Does the welfare system need to pay more or offer more opportunities?
  31. Should there be more public services that are free?
  32. Will more opportunity and education lead to innovation?
  33. Is affirmative action at university doing more positive than negatives?
  34. Should philosophy and debate be taught in all public schools?
  35. Do you support universal healthcare or education?
  36. A student loans to high? and/or scholarship difficult to obtain?
  37. How would you redistribute money in the right place?
  38. Will money ever truly be abolished?
  39. What environments are safe and what is not?
  40. Should the natural world be embraced and revered?
  41. Can world peace ever last over a decade again?
  42. What is the role of a peacekeeper?
  43. Private security vs the policing of a state?
  44. What protesting/rioting is justified?
  45. Build more statues or tear down sculptures symbolising bad things for history?
  46. Where should capital punishment be encouraged?
  47. Is utopia always dystopia?
  48. Will technology put a wedge between humanity and nature?
  49. When automation takes over, will the average person adapt in pursuing what they actually want?
  50. Is social media only going to get worse?
  51. When is censorship appropriate?
  52. Is a resource-based economy as strong as a free trade market?
  53. Does capitalism hold the fabric of the economy together?
  54. Can socialism maintain an economy?
  55. Should privatized businesses be more audited/investigated?
  56. How much price interest in lobbying influences governments?
  57. Do all governments experience corruption or are a house of cards?
  58. What is the difference between political theory and policy solutions?
  59. Is virtue signally toxic and counterproductive?
  60. Why is identity politics important or unnecessary?
  61. How active is propaganda grown from its origins?
  62. When will the culture war end?
  63. Are the winners who write history?
  64. Is less government a concept to strive for?
  65. What is your definition of evolution?
  66. Thoughts on centrism while not sitting at the fence? (Centrist Chads)
  67. Should the silent voice be taken to greater consideration?
  68. Can spiritual enlightenment wake up people to work together?
  69. Will it take body and soul to overcome world issues?
  70. Is there something to say about the potential of energy in our holy spirit?
  71. Should we fear God?
  72. One day will nationalism ever be replaced by a one-world government?
  73. Is there is any conspiracy theories you believe to hold any truth?
  74. Are there any other issues or solutions you wish to discuss for the camera?
  75. Feel free to shout out social media or any other relevant information that contributes to post-production or extra clips of the hypothetical documentary so far.

So there are the allegories of this concept put out in the open. If still reading this outro, check out the video below is a potential introduction to this speculative project subsisting. Inhabiting more politics in writing and consumption, expect more pitch of developed soon enough.

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