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An article written by Lee Sonogan

Police reform: If you want it bad, you'll get it bad | TheHill

Disclaimer! A somewhat conversational/unbiased opinion on law and order subjects and/or relevant topics

Note: This article will feature on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE under the book There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia (First Draft) done in parts.

In the events of the George Floyd killing, reform of the police has been a hot topic. Former heroes who you call when you are in trouble are now associated with the words such as ‘brutality’ and ‘Systematic racism’. There shall be a section in a future chapter about that topic. On cops vs protesters compared to cops vs statistical criminals, the numbers game is one thing, and just plain morality of justice that needs accountability for. Hence, I believe reforms are necessary although the means of achieving real results is a slippery slope.

Sympathising with police officers because when I was young I like the idea of being one. Growing older I was afraid of them being mostly left-leaning then. It wasn’t until I realised how many people are dangerous on the average and why where things changed. You and I can agree there are some necessary evils in the world, where officers clean up messes that need solving. With great power hold great responsibly in authority power overall, one sign from the blue flu (Cop calling in sick) there are many law enforcement personal either de-escalating situations to a decent extend, or those unwilling wanting to protect and service to their self against public servant needs.

One statement made for pro-police forces is the individuals are unaccountable by the lack of votes locally or the state. Blaming the president for these issues has little or nothing at the national level. Refining should be done every year, defund the police is so ridiculous where it is already so lowly invested in anyway. Not all of them have chest cameras or enough supplies when overwhelmed in the first place. The system is not broke, so the energy pushing forward peaceful progress is in the already established connections.

Police Reform Soluti0ns:

  • Governmental decision encouragement of more use of special prosecutors in misconduct investigations (Qualified Ethics Personnel)
  • Make the collections of data on fatalities involving the police for more objective facts
  • Implement a moral bias training for all from the stake, local and federal
  • Changes using lethal weapons or force as deterrents
  • If people are comfortable with community alternative peacekeepers, they need to be able to reach the same standard as any policing precinct
  • Plenty more answers to these sorts of initial ideas.

These types of concepts could take years to commit to without actually funding the organisations related to the corrupt people who do not need to have this particular power or hopefully become better over time. Critical or the negative reality of cops, it only gets deeper as figures show other patterns. I believe in aspects of racial profiling cases in bias ways, on the other hand, America’s death rate by cop has actually lowered quite a lot over the years. Black people were 24% of those killed in 2019 despite being only 13% of the population, contra to only 9 out of 1098 that were unarmed black men. Also mentioning the statistics for black on black crime resulting in more deaths plus other data, the direction of isolation should be focusing on black raced communities and families.

Right or wrong, there is cause to call out flaws all round. Overall this aesthetic against principles determines the brass tacks substantiality, towards the desired bottom line. Hatred to assumed oppression needs to be avoided within the benefit of the doubt. The first responders are a necessity of virtue to tackle the deepest headache of humanity. Taking the presentation with a grain of salt, they are not the man, they are the men insuring faith in general safety at the foundation of the public. A patrolling presence at starting glance, humbled by the experience, most would agree with any criticism they get, to advocate to you with the same resonation.



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