Journal Entry 26# One Thousand Four Hundredth Published Post

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Victorian number plate, '26', sells for $1.1m at auction | 7NEWS ...

High on language, and willpower vigorously never-ending fortitude of the spirit, we reach a higher milestone. Coincidentally with ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE nearly at the 300 mark, still representing what I believe in, I am fulfilled. I have been consistent in being happy so anything from this point is gravy. Humbled in the person I have become, thank you for all who have been here that is one factor in getting me this far.

On the opposite end due to the crazy chaos around the world, it only motivates me to share positive vibes through writing and more. Leading by example, the negatively from the culture wars, I conclude in delivering on some light. I now see the balance between ego, superego and the self resulting desired ease. Spiritual energy is soothing in relevant conjunctures of clarity. Ten years ago I was a very different person…

Going with the flow is ageless when delighted with one’s own thoughts, but I am not those thoughts. My observations are transparent, and my truth transfixes into textured sharpness. The body of work I am addicted to, maintaining and adapting style to my current authenticity. Hopefully, these musings made sense about yours truly, the vastness outweighs the narrow although designed objectively ambitious.

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