First Impression Of Terraria

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Terraria on Steam

Since PewDiePie got into this game I have been curious about what this game is all about. A sandbox game but in 2D? Also action and adventure, this somewhat independent looking game is already shaping up to be pack full of exploration, building, crafting and much more! Playing for two hours today I can tell why so many people overly praise this unique solo experience.

Spawning in I was clueless to how fast night time came. Needless to say, I did survive the first night due to getting stuck in a cave and running out of a time of building my house. Second time around the mechanics became familiar to me and new gameplay become aware to me. Awesome like Minecraft where you can mine everywhere underground, the variety of enemies and obstacles in the initial location are interesting.

Tomorrow when I play again I will be expanding my base to get more NPC characters to exchange with. Head further into the desert and see what I can find out there. Then dig so far down that my mine reaches the underworld. So far I only have gotten some of the basic weapons although I am aware of all the kinds that you can find and eventually be able to get for yourself.

Noticing it is co-op as well recently in an update, I nearly considered by a bulk pack to share with friends. Then there is plenty of options of mods to play in the future containing potential hours of replay value. Regardless I shall finish vanilla Terraria first before a review of it can be compiled together. There’s so much more boss battles and the biosphere’s to see.

Concluding this article, ticking the boxes, it has a cool electronic soundtrack. Addictive nature that keeps you engaged in progression. Recording my journey as I have the space for it on my new hard drive, there may be a sick video to be made. Plus so many reasons why I am happy in purchasing this game while it remains at a relatively cheap price.

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