Fantasy Booking – WWE Vs AEW (April 4, Week 4) – (WrestleMania/All In)

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All In – Half Empty Arena (Undisclosed Location)

Pre -Show

1. For The Aew Video Game Championship – Finals tournament – Rocket League

Kenny Omega vs (Unsigned) Tyler Breeze – Winner: Kenny Omega (c) – Shining on the most important information of this tournament. Omega beat Woods in a previous round to end up playing against one of his best friends. In 5 minutes a close game as Omega 5 goals to Breeze’s four. Both were allowed 2 AI players on their team to defend.

Full tournament list:

  • Kenny Omega
  • Kota Isbushi
  • Nick Jackson
  • Matt Jackson
  • Xavier Woods (WWE)
  • Big E (WWE)
  • Kofi Kingston (WWE)
  • Billie Kay (C)
  • Peyton Royce
  • Shawn Spears (Unsigned)
  • Tyler Breeze (Unsigned)
  • All others who won qualifing matches during the past two months weekly shows
  • Guest fan (Won a competition)

The Main Event Mafia takes out Kota Isbushi back stage invadfinfg AEW

2. Casino battle royale

Rusev (Unsigned) vs Adam Hangman Page vs Lushin Liger vs Robbie Eagles vs Dustin Rhodes vs Hiroshi Tanahashi vs (Unsigned) Keith Lee vs Zach Sabre Jnr vs (Unsigned) Orange Cassidy vs (Unsigned) Kevin Nash vs (Unsigned) Scott Hall vs (Unsigned) X-Pac vs (Unsigned) Colt Cabana vs (Unsigned) William Regal vs (Unsigned Darby Allin vs (Unsigned) Adam Cole vs (Unsigned) Pete Dunn vs (Unsigned) Bobby Lashley vs (Unsigned Braun Strowman vs (Unsigned Tommy Dreamer vs Jazz – Winner: Adam Hangman Page – Describing all the details in a battle royale takes away the point in who got over. From example, Jazz eliminates Zach Sabre Jnr to every team up on her. Tanahashi eliminates Lushin Liger. Final two is the Hangman and the artist formerly known as Goldust. Showcasing their talent the Hangman gets over.

Main Show

1. For The Japanese Championship – Triple Threat match

Tomoguri Ishii (C) vs Minoru Suzuki (Unsigned) vs Taka Michinky (Unsigned) – Winner: Tomoguri Ishii (C) Old friends of Ishii surprise him in this sudden made up the match. Strong style personified, the club each other with slapping sounds bouncing off the ceiling. Already red chested Ishii Brainbuster’s Taka on an announcers table. Suzuki blindsides him to brutalize in in the centre of the ring. A false finish and a then a comeback for Ishii. Becoming an endurance monster, he slams him about to finish him with a Brainbuster. Ishii retains the Japanese championship.

2. Gauntlet match – in crowning The first-ever tnt Champion

(Unsigned) Bret Hart vs (Unsigned Ric Flair) vs Cody Rhodes vs MJF vs Christopher Daniels vs DDP vs Taz vs Will Osprey – Winner: Christopher Daniels (C). The gauntlet match results are as follows: Bret submits Flair in ten minutes. Another 15 minutes, Rhodes fresh gets a pin after a Cross Rhodes. MJF returns from recovering COVID-19 but gets himself disqualified with a ref catching him mid-heel. Reluctant to fight injured Cody, Daniels lands an Angel Wing. DDP is next and quickens the pace like he was in his prime. The Best Moonsault Ever and an angel for a pin. The suplex machine coming out of retirement runs in to get 5 minutes and losses. Then the last one in Osprey lasts for another 20 minutes delivering the best fast performance out of them all. SCU gets there the first championship and celebrates in the ring.

3. For The Trios Tag Team Championship – Interpromotional Trios tag team match

Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe (The Main Event Mafia) vs Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Kenny Omega (C) (Bullet Club) Winners: Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe (The Main Event Mafia) – In trademark suits, the Trios champs are booed moving towards the ring. Coming out to the Being The Elite theme, Kenny is matching the Young Bucks attire. Acting as heels, The Main Event Mafia gets the initial advantage. The gesturing vs the blend of styles in The Main Event Mafia is a sight to see. The good guys and bad guys are obvious and tell a story. After a 3.5/5 match, The Main Event Mafia retain.

4. For X division Championship – singles match

Pac (C) vs CM Punk – Winner: Pac (C) Chopping back forth when the bell rang, the contest transitions into a test of strength. Clinching up CM Punk gets a takedown and slaps on a headlock. Taking their time, sequences slowly gain traction. Crowd chances Punk/Pac, Punk/Pac! counting signatures, and not giving each other any control. For a 4.5/5 rated to match the finish of Black Arrow and Pac retains. All In goes to an intermission.

5. Celebrity fight – singles match

Cain Valaques vs Conor Mcgregor (Ungsinged) – Winner: Cain Valaques via submission – Cain formerly scheduled to compete again an unknown competitor, Tony Knan gives him the ultimate challenge. Standing, both throw bombs at each other with neither slowing down. Avoiding wrestling manoeuvres all together, technique with well-timed strikes to the body and face do the talking. Going past 5 minutes, both tire without rest. Conor superman punches him to cause a fall to the canvas while the ref does not count. Leaping over him he grabs an arm while standing. Pulls the legs, transitions into an Iowa leg ride using wrist control. Conor taps….

6. For AEW tag team championship – Triple threat tag team

Jay White (C) & Kazuckika Okada (Chaos) vs RVD & Sabu (Team Extreme vs Jon Moxley & Finn Balor (The Inner Circle) – Winners: Jay White (C) & Kazuckika Okada – Jay White, RVD and Jon Moxley start the match. Countering initial strikes and leaping attacks. Rolling Thunder spot on the downed Jay White. Being a somewhat co-main event, Tag changes into combination movies were implemented. Cutting the ring in half, the duo champs control the pace. Slowly it becomes chaotic as RVD goes from one side of the ring to another dropkicking Moxley in the face who was about to be tagged in.

7. For AEW Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Billie Kay (C) with Peyton Royce vs Shayna Baszler – Winner: No Contest When the bell rings Shayna dominates. The ref calls for back up with Peyton Royce getting involved. Rest of the face and hell female locker room comes out to incite a larger brawl. An army of security guards drags them all to the backstage area.

8. Main Event – For The AEW Heavyweight Championship – Singles match – (inner circle banned from ringside)

Chris Jericho (C) vs Mick Foley – Winner: Chris Jericho (C) – Mick Foley enters with Ric Flair but leave and goes backstage again. Jericho comes out looking as confident as ever with Judas Playing. Taunting the crowd he gets some heat. Foley gets legends pop and death stares Jericho from the stage. Foley charges at him and fights before the official fight. Using barricades to their advantage. Jericho low blows him to the cameras but away from officials and then drags him to the ring to start the match. Ding ding and there is the first kick out at one. Listing some spots, there was a Lionsault, clothesline over the top rope with foley coming with. The floor padding ripped out and a body slams to concrete. Foley charging into the outside steps. Back in the ring, Jericho pleads for his life to him and the ref. Foley pulls out Mr Socko. Rivarying the main event of Wrestlemania after 20 more minutes in concludes with Jericho keep his title in the finish. Both men shake hands in respect of the 4.5/5 match engaging all the best they can do.

WrestleMania – Titan Tower – Stamford, Connecticut (Half Empty Arena)


Shot of the roof with a ring at the top of the tower. Some on the surface level crowd up to watch on-screen inside the building. The Firefly Fun House match is announced amongst previews of the show of shows.

1. Singles match

Big Show with Jim Cornette vs (Unsigned) Andre The Giant – Winner: Big Show with Jim Cornette – Cornette cuts a promo backstage before the fight opening the main show. Telling the audience Big Show is the real giant but not ruining the surprise. Jim sells losing his mind when the original legend peaks his head into the entranceway. the bell rings and the two big men run into each other. This spectacle goes on doing what they can portraying a focus on impact bump. Knockout punch and Andre allows Big Show to get the rub.

2. The Great Moolah Battle Royal

Asuka vs Karrie Zane vs Trish Stratus vs Lita vs Bailey vs (Unsigned) Amanda Nunes vs (Unsigned) Nikki Cross vs (Unsigned) Alexa Bliss vs (Unsigned) Mandy Rose vs (Unsigned) Sonya Deville vs (Unsigned) Gail Kim vs (Unsigned) Rhea Ripley vs (Unsigned) Chyna vs (Unsigned) Io Sharai vs (Unsigned Ember Moon vs (Unsigned) Lana vs (AEW) Sasha Banks – Winner: Asuka – Trish and Lita team-up. Asuka and Karrie team-up. Alex Bliss and Nikki Cross team-up. Mandy and Sonya team-up. Most of them are eliminated by Amanda Nunes. Final four are Asuka, Amanda Nunes, Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks. Sasha eliminates Trish. Amanda eliminates AEW’s, Sasha Banks. Former Women’s Champ defeats former UFC fighter in this fantasy world. The first women’s champion whens the annual battle royale.

3. Andre The giant BAtttle Royall

Jake The Snake Robers vs Edge vs Randy Ortan vs Christan vs Elias vs AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston vs Big E vs Xavier Woods vs Drew Galloway vs Richochet vs Shane McMahon vs John Cena vs Batista vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs (Unsigned) Vader vs (Unsigned) Rowdy Roddy Pipper vs (Unsigned) New Jack vs (Unsigned Aleister Black vs Goldberg – Winner: John Cena – Packed full of competitors there too many quick eliminations to describe each one. Final four includes Cena, Edge, Batista, Randy Orton. Rated RKO team up but are overwhelmed by Batista. For Cena to throw him over the top rope quickly.

Main show

1. For The Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match

The Rock (C) vs Brock Lesnar – Winner: Brock Lesnar (C) – Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? With his flamethrower, he lights up a sign with his name on fire. Brock does his generic entrance all by himself. Clobbering Rocky right away, he sells as a champ should. The ref has to stop in, being clinched at the turnbuckle. For an opener, it delivers on what was expect and was a solid 4/5 until Lights go out and back on and Paul Heyman is in the ring and low blows him. Lesnar and Heyman are back and now own the intercontinental championship.

2. For the Cruiserweight championship

Rey Mysterio (C) vs (Unsigned) Psychosis – Winner: Rey Mysterio – An old-time rival from the past in real life and in this fantasy, Rey is surprised that he is booked to fight him. The luchadors stand side by side as the ref checks out there customised bodysuits as well. Like many of my other analogies based on real-life, they get a rating of 3.6/5. Rey is victorious due to the finish of an intriguing 619.

3. For The Tag Team Championship -firefly fun house

Undertaker (C) & Kane (C) (Brothers OF Destruction) vs Matt Hardy & The Fiend with Jeff Hardy – Winners Undertaker (C) & Kane (C) (Brothers OF Destruction) – The Brothers of Destruction enter the arena at Titan Towers. Lights go off, and the two are in the fantasy world. A puppet pops up but Kane Chokeslams it off a hand. Instead of word of word of ridiculous stuff, even in the Firefly Fun House, The Brothers Of Destruction show their supernatural strength more and retain. ?/5

4. For The 24/7 Championship- Submission match

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero – Winner: Eddie Guerrero (C) The time finally comes with Benoit accepting Eddie’s challenge. Influence from matches they had from real life, the pace immediately was quick with velocity. When you thought it was the ground game, they went outside. Brawls changed to a suicide dive sequence. Back in the ring big slams and suplexes were exchanged. In the final minute was an exchange of Lasso from El Paso vs the Crippler cross face. Eddie gets his locked in the centre of the ring and defeats a long time friend.

5. For The Trios Tag Team Championship

Sting, Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe (The Main Event Mafia) vs Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Abyss (The Ministry) – Winners: Kevin Owens (C), Seth Rollins (C), Abyss (C) (The Ministry) – Swagging to the ring in customised suits, the Main Event Mafia show no fear. New metal music of the ministry play as the faction poses. The very limited fans allow inside are back from an intermission. Matching strength for the first half, The Ministry standards integrating heel tactics with the supernatural. The final move is pop by Kevin but in reverse and a curb stomp to the back of the head.

6. Best Out Of Seven Series 7#

Shawn Micheals vs Daniel Byran – Winner – Daniel Byran via submission – At the show of shows the best of seven series is even and primed for a deciding. Concluding the teacher vs student feud, all signatures were executed after the classic sequences are done and in a fresher way. Shawn dominated the middle half of the contest. Then the underdog gets his comeback to false finishes and reversals. Daniel Byran fully locks in the Yes Lock and Shawn has to tap. 4.4/5

7. For The Women’s Championship – Triple Threat MAtch

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch – Winner: Becky Lynch (C) the warm-up match before the main event – the ladies all get their own grand entrances. Charlotte is flown in via helicopter. Becky drives in a monster truck and Ronda has an elaborate striking sequence to extra in a row towards the ring. Ronda comes out to that famous bank playing her theme song. Since I have described so many matches already, let’s just say the fight the same as the real-life WrestleMania main event.

8. Main Event – For The WWE CHampionship – Three Stages Of Hell (Single Match. No Hold Barred, Steel cage)

Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Triple H – Winner Triple H (C) – The crowd is hot to see the main event of Wrestlemania. Triple H comes out with the Terminator-like entrance he had in real life. The ceiling falls to the grow with a lot of glass shattering and stone Cold comes out with his old Disturbed band theme song. Staredown and than ding ding… Hunter does his cross chop, signally to suck it. Stunner! and HHH’s neck jams with Steve’s shoulder but not leaving his feet. This selling goes on for 40 seconds to the amazement who watch. Rolling out of the ring, Steve shakes his head and follows. Blindsiding him Triple H and Stone Cold fight hard but Hunter pulls the tights for the first match. To then get weapons from outside and thrown into the ring in the now No Hold Bar Match. For this second match, I will summarise it with sledgehammer and steel chairs being focuses on. Stone Cold win the round using a Stunner and a chair wrapped around H’s head. The decider in the steel cage. Rivarviaring the real-life No Way Out Three Stages of Hell in 2001, I give that is this match a rating of 5/5. Yes, the Royal Rumble winner lost…

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