Journal Entry 25# Homecoming Update

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In the Return From A Well Deserved Break, there is a lot to talk about. Realigning time and effort into particular goals there has been progression made. Also, I have been preparing for this moment since I stopped posting stuff. UNGROOVYGORDS and ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE will have a schedule of what will be published next in order. And other projects at further along closer to my satisfaction in completion.


  • Journal Entry 25# Homecoming Update
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  • Return From A Well Deserved Break
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  • NXT TakeOver: In Your House – 2020 (WWE) – Professional Wrestling Recap/Results
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Part 3 (Fanfiction – Movie Script) – Scene 3/Act 2 (First Draft)
  • I Have Never Used A Virtual Reality Device Before

Writing this sentence halfway through this different focus break, I already have more prepared drafts ready to go. Started a account and got two exclusive haiku there for now. Then there is an all-purpose mic that I got finally and know how to use. Doing a first mashup/narration gaming video below, my voice recorded now sounds as professional as I can get it. Stay tuned as I explore sound engining in different formats of media!

Research wise, my advanced guide for writing is shaping up in all drafted chapters. Storyboarding my fanfiction of PUBG has new prompts in future script parts. Reading three books at the same time I finally finished reading Beyond Good and Evil, that was so fantastic where you got to see my upcoming review. Most of the content scheduled above have their own Writing From Scratch videos on UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTIONS plus extra.

Concluding, I feel more prepared for the future and ready for what comes next in my blogging career.

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