The Raid (Redemption), a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr41min (2011) Action Thriller

Bullet Points: The Raid: Redemption – BULLETPROOF ACTION

I use to think John Wick as pinnacle of action movies but after seeing this I am not too sure. Wonderfully executed storyline and gut wrenching action see pieces. The Raid surpasses all the expectations and this truly is the best action movie in a long long time. rockypingale (IMDB – Mind Blown! 10/10)

Meaning to write about this Indonesian action film for a long time, this international movie is a must-watch! For purists or fans of this genre, the non-stop violence through choreographic scenes is some of the most memorable things you would want to see. Dubbed or Subbed in English, the cinematography plus fights are one of a kind. With a budget of $1.1 million, it successfully made $9.3 million at the box office.

The martial arts implemented on the big screen are as unpredictable as any real fight, showing realism. A minimal plot that emphasis the intensity and pace of the situation. Everything critics say online but so much more! So well that the next year a film named Dredd was made mimicking the concept.

Overall the fights set a standard that all movies should strive for in delivery. Mention some cons, if you do not like beat them ups than this maybe is not for you. Otherwise, the performance act put into making scenes dramatic and satisfying are next to none. Quoting Bonnier’s comment on IMDB “This movie has ruined Hollywood action movies for me,”. Breathtaking on first viewing, there is some rewatch value in it and a sequel not as good as the original.


I am usually not into action films unless they are really good. This one is totally unique and is now one my #1 action favorite. This movie is like nothing made before. And is so awesome. Go see it. reidsmallbox (IMDB – Wow, Truly Awesome and Intense! 10/10)

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