Journal Entry 24# A Leave Of Absence for Two Weeks (Including ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

24' Revival Might Not Follow Young Jack Bauer But Death Row ...

Do not fret, I have gone away for periods of time before and have always come back. Pumping out count day in and out can burn you out so I purpose to write for the next 14 days without publishing to these platforms. With that different pressure, I can then come back better than ever. Work on other things that have been overlooked to then be prepared for releases in the advantage of regular scheduling.

One reason why I thought to slow down and create at a different frequency is I have been missing a few posts on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE. Distracted in blog drafts other than other projects primed to exist, a break will do everything overall good. Then there’s the extra reading catalogue I have to reach my of books consumed this year

Original content to be worked on during this time:

  • You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words (Promised to get out by the end of the year)
  • 1 vs 1 – Movie Script Being Turned Into A Novella (23,000 words)
  • Vengeance Of A Brutal Cry (Extending to reach 100,000 words)
  • There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia (Book/Documentary concept)
  • Untitled Self-Help Book Introduction And Tittle
  • Power From Within: Vol 2 (10,000 Words)
  • Formatting And Deciding New Poem Book Ideas
  • ‘Writing From Scratch’ Videos To Be Shared On These Blogs Later
  • Filling external harddrive with useful non-copyright videos and music.
  • Pitch some ideas through freelancing
  • Master a new professional micro-phone I brought to record voice-overs (Mix Review Draft?)
  • One or two monologues I have been meaning to perform and record

Probably mentioning these before in one way or enough, these are just some of the promising things I have been developing. Remaining as active, the producing of content will recommence the 16th of June. So stay tuned with thoughs videos, for now, lots of planned stuff later. I got to take at least 3 breaks a year at lengths that are necessary without going insane.

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