Top Ten Lauren Babic Covers (Metal)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

Misery Business - Paramore - Cole Rolland (feat. Lauren Babic and ...

For lady singers, I really like Lauren Babic’s range in vocals. Covering many genres such as metal, rock, pop and all subcategories in between, the variety is enough to appeal to a wide audience. Among doing covers for her own YouTube channel, she is the lead singer for bands named Red Handed Denial and CrazyEightyEight. Gaining fame through it, this following list is not in order and my favourites.

10. AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Afterlife (Cover by Lauren Babic ft. Cole Rolland)

Captures M. Shadows style with a little twist. As good as the original although but a little different.

9. SLIPKNOT – Before I Forget (Cover by Lauren Babic)

Consistent in a light tone but still sounding cool, I enjoy this cover as it pops up on my YouTube playlists.

8. PROTEST THE HERO – Sequoia Throne (Cover by Lauren Babic & Elliott Reagan)

Protest The Hero is fast-paced and changes shifts quite suddenly. Variety of range engaged keeps up the intensity of the complex like song.

7. PAPA ROACH – Last Resort (Cover by Lauren Babic & Barbie Sailers)

Barbie Sailers has chemistry with Lauren, making the memorable first bit of Last Resort into an efficient bulk. It brings me back to years ago when I lost interested in Last Resort.

6. ESCAPE THE FATE – The Guillotine (Cover by @Lauren Babic & @Linzey Rae)

Loved how heavy Linzey Rae’s voice is and how it matched with Lauren’s.

5. ASKING ALEXANDRIA – The Violence (Ben Bruce & Lauren Babic Collab)

The riffs in this song I like being one of Asking Alexandria’s only decent songs. Flows enough to relisten too again.

4. PIERCE THE VEIL – King For A Day (Cover by @Lauren Babic & @YoungRippa59)

If this list was in order, this one could be number 1 due to how many time I have relistened to it. Checks a lot of boxes!

3. VEIL OF MAYA – Mikasa (Cover by Lauren Babic & Gerard Vachon)

Chorus lays in deep after a lot of sick screaming unable to be understood in lyrics.

2. ISSUES – King Of Amarillo (Cover by Lauren Babic)

A band I have not heard of before plus a solid overall delievery.

1. PERIPHERY – Scarlet (Cover by Lauren Babic)

Progressive at its best, where if your a fan of Periphery, then checking this out is as easy as clicking the video directly below.

When you start liking cover bands, you have to check out the other musicians you enjoy that helped put it all together. Gaining so many independent names that do similar type of music, I have more related Top 10 list that could be published in the near future. Please let me know if you need more recommendations in sound.

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