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An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Since this trend is a common theme on Twitter that trends and is again, I am going to add my opinion to it. Looking at the hashtag, this is the best way to explain it is Racism Does Not Exist. According to people who debate this wherever they can fail to understand that not all incidents such as George Floyd mean another reason to blame a country half full of racists. It’s a morality question judged towards individuals who clearly make bad decisions.

I will be ranting in the next few paragraphs, but in no way criticizing the Black Lives movement. Someone commented on the video below ‘Saying All Lives Matter is like saying “there are many other diseases at a cancer walk“. Yes, there are all kinds of people with there own positives and negatives but assuming that all groups of people are sheep in evil like behaviour is ignorant to think.

Others on Twitter comment anything you react to using this term is racist. Scrolling through hours of the stuff, not one had any intention of doing any mental or physical harm. Not a single person attacked any expect the weaker points being made. Overall this is identity politics where humans based off emotions divide concepts to there understanding in labelling the wide aspect than the civilized way of seeing singular acts of corruption blasted on the news.

The conversation never really gets to the solid conclusion, on the other hand, the bigger picture. Jumping to conflict like this shows how insecure societies thoughts are or is this just an America thing? Preaching peace, love and understanding, accept the whole spectrum of life, then one day you shall know the real-world issues. The clarity in not overreacting to the plights roaming within the fragile mind, you become better than those who are actually the worst.

Promote unity, not division!




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  1. Liked your post though still strongly believe that all human lives matter. To me that means that we should be fighting for any life lost from brutality, no matter person’s race, ethnicity, gender, social status…. To me it is focusing on our shared identity as humans…. To me it does not deminish the value of each specific component such as blacklivesmatter, nativelivesmatter, femalelivesmatter, malelivesmatter… Just the opposite – it strengthens them… https://otrazhenie.wordpress.com/2020/06/02/human-lives-matter/

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