Kingdom Come, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by Lee Sonogan

DC Comics (1996)

Kingdom Come TPB (2019 DC Black Label) New Edition comic books

“One of the best comic stories ever told” – Washington Examiner

Recently purchasing six books of a few weeks ago now, Kingdom Come was the graphic novel of the bunch. From the quote above and this mini-series highly regarded on, It is a book 20 years old I needed in my collection. Reminded of many other comic stories where the Justice League end up being the bad guys, this original ranks among them. The extra time waiting for it in the post was totally worth it.

Four main chapters and an exclusive epilogue/drafts and concept image, Kingdom Come in an alternative world gets dark and dystopian. While the classic characters are older, there are hundreds of generations of heroes playing roles. Philosophical, the dialogue questions morality and the differences between humanity and something else. Reminded of Neil Gaiman’s influence, was the preacher with Spectre, The Sandman in human form?

In the narrative roles those two played to a tee, they sure hint it mixed with Christianity, bible morals. Visually the artwork has its own unique style, filling pages full of action and scenes of solid back and forth during individual dilemmas. Overall I highly recommend it if you’re looking to check out more of the history within DC Comics. Lots of new and old cameo appearances literally. And a credible pace to read it, if like me, in two days through my personal experience.


“No library should be without sine edition of this book” – Library Journal (Starred Review)

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