INVADING LUCHA, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

23:30 (2018) ,Thriller, musical

Since no one has written a full-length review about my short film yet I might as well right one from my perspective. INVADING LUCHA is a short low-budget film I directed, written and created. This review will serve the purpose of personally rating what I have created, and why this short film is important. Nearly 2 years since its 2018 release, I will fairly judge the subjective movie done back then.

My overall description of this story is a freelance writer is hired for his first book contract. Taking time off freelancing he struggles to come up with ideas. Things start to change when a mysterious masked man starts to stalk him.

Detailing more about this story and how it is displayed, it has an improvisational tone from its independent product and final product. Visually is impressive for myself editing it all myself using a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone of all things. Full with an Act one, two and three, each plot has elements at play. Then by design, it’s style use compilation scenes to imply all sorts of context. Reveal more intriguing points would give away spoilers at this particular point.

Overall the last 15 minutes of it may be the most impressive in the payoff of the whole thing and the lead up to an eventual fight scene. From the feedback, I got that was most liked about it. In retrospect, producing something like this was fun although future big projects like this will be done even more professionally in the future. There has been an investment into equipment achieving this implementing scripts and other content regarding video media. As I said I would be fair, my opinion is as follows but my realistic comment is based on one perspective alone.


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