Starter’s Guide To Writing: Basics – Commitment

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Buddhist Writing Prompt: Renew Your Commitment Each Day – Jessica ...

Note: This following article will feature in my non-fiction book You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words: UNGROOVYGORDS Advanced Guide For Creative Writing. Publishing it on my website ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE which will be expanded on, plus more relevant quotes.

Before my conclusion, commitment ends this chapter because, without it, nothing would be done. Steps from inspiration to the final product is a process of accepting concepts entangled in either. A force that keeps you on your toes that reinforces everything previous and in the future gonna be written. Than pride in the satisfaction in polishing ideas in a consistent order.

Not going so far in saying OCD attention is required, what comes naturally is easier to commit to. And if you get writer’s block or any other roadblock, commit time and effort each day to researching it until able to be put into use. Then if you have to miss a day, do put it off, make up for it the following day. Aligned with motivation, commitment to meaning helps you be a better writer overall.

As with journalling previously written about, managing focus on how efficient you are is up to you. The mentality necessary defines an amateur one in comparison to one creating something fresh. An attempt to get over like the professional wrestling business is better than nothing. Learning from your mistake and never give up increases confidence and fluidity at being more comfortable at it.

Asking questions such as are your ready to do this now? How the process shall be done and finally where it will be done become solutions in the right state of mind.

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