Journal Entry 22# Embellish As A Medium User?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Life Path Number 22 - Numerology Center

Finding Medium out from a blog The Art Of Blogging or one of the other ones of his I follow, I saw he has an account on it. The platform does ring a bell although understanding it now, I am considering re-writing some of my content on it. It covers so many topics I have already written about while others that I could. The website is designed to get paid by the number of viewers, not anything else.

There Write For Us has the categories of Response to our Writing Prompts. Write about writing. Tell your story, share memories, express yourself. Inspirational pieces and self-improvement topics. Humour. Fiction. Getting exclusive it could also be a promotional tool for a book I am compiling together about writing.

This community platform also has a big audience for direct feedback. Looks like a win/win situation for all to me. Bult with a grammar/spelling/formatting/etc as well, I have used many of the main ones online. For my next pitch to other websites, I will be submitting to medium regarding something on self-improvement. If you are also interested by this and have questions, here is the email address to do that >

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