Journal Entry 21# Is It Weird That I Want To Speak How I Write?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Believing in Every Conversation Is An Opportunity To Be More, there are so much more ways how I wish to express myself. Identifying what I want to do but unconsciously limiting myself, why am I afraid to articulate the fullest potential of voice out loud? Would it seem pretentious if I implemented my wider use of vocabulary? or the reaction will change the perception of me forever? Intrigued by what I could achieve if executed correctly, this following journal entry will discuss my progress towards it so far.

Firstly my growth in writing skills was the first indicator that there is a difference between what I type and when I open my mouth. Exposing my anxiety in a poem a while ago, it is a big part of a question I have had since I was younger. Knowing answers now, putting these interactions into action, results still vary. Wasted opportunity, every current element in back and forth gets me closer to exercise my true self into reality.

Editing myself in real-time, I have been practising alone through voice-overs, pronouncing words in monologues or singing, and making sure I add something fresh into a discussion. Not using the same phrases or analogies for similar topics/subjects, these methods for more engaging writing, they deliver more when all attention is at your disposal. Conveying this context into whatever remarks, the second nature of it all sets Lee Sonogan from the observer to the master exchanger.

If you have gotten to this part, take communion with the gift of the gab people can provide. Invoke flowing tongues of developing bonds out of verbal diarrhoea. Authentically gain mutual enjoyment over mundane procrastination. Reveal integrity and character in the sheer existence between the spectrum of life. Be fulfilled inside positive and negative circumstances out of your control. Anyone willing to indulge this mentality is someone I want to 100% be and have closely in my ciricle of humans I know.

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