Green Naugahyde, an album reivew

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

Primus (50:46) Funk Rock, Experimental Rock

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I’ve read bad reviews but I think it’s one of Primus’ greatest albums!! I like everything by Les Claypool though. Just more than others depending on mood. But there are some AMAZING tunes on this one worth having in your collection. The best being “MORON TV” …lyrics and music …wow great stuff! And “HOINFORDAMAN” good music and message. – Mark Stansbury (Amazon review)

In my second album review about the band Primus, Green Naugahyde different in its delivery, crossing towards weird and scary. But of course being that in a good way, the seventh studio gets groovy while also pushing the envelope in creativity. Among lyrics of sharp social commentary, these musicians are one of a kind. And even though it has a mixed reaction, it is more than antipop some critics have commented on.

  • Prelude to a Crawl (Recommended)
  • Hennepin Crawler
  • Last Salmon Man
  • Eternal Consumption Engine
  • Tragedy’s a’ comin
  • Eyes of the Squirrel (Recommended)
  • Jilly’s on Smack (Recommended)
  • Lee Van Cleef (Recommended)
  • Moron TV (Recommended)
  • Green Ranger (Recommended)
  • Extinction Burst (Recommended)
  • Salmon Men

While I recommended 7 of these tracks, all songs are at least alright while consuming the album as originally intended. Tightly knotted together, it can remind you of Zappa theatrics. Consistent in nightmare jamming, each song feels not the same as the others although stays true to Primus’s overall style. Les Claypool’s vision is genius where you either love it or hate it.

Concluding my retort after recently re-listening to the tracklist, I justify their expression by saying at least their being as authentic to their craft as possible. My score may reflect a bias as my tunes of choice is of experimental variety just like this. Bringing the funk regardless, experiencing this for me was very satisfying, enough to be motivated to write this and memorable in engagement.


Come on… this needs some more positive reviews. This album is fantastic. You probably won’t be hearing it on the radio, so go get a copy of it. It doesn’t disappoint. Kristjan79 (Metacritic – 9/10)

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