Journal Entry 20# I Killed The Meme Inquisition

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Four written lists and four videos for myself to stab it in its heart. #Meme Inquisition explored multiple images considered somewhat humourous out of a month. Ending the series due to not enough memes that I enjoy, this act reflects on my personal tastes to comedy. Honestly, people talking about specific memes are usually funnier than just listening some with a rating.

What makes you laugh is subjective, since the reaction was lacking, I guess I don’t have a good enough eye for it as I thought I did. Not worrying about nothing, this logically means with one piece of content out, there is room for something new. Learn from my failing ambitious and implement that creativity somehow else. Either existing projects or establishing initial foundations for other time-consuming series.

Maybe the ensuing balance of my mind needs this. Seemly never enough, I have no excuses to winge and cry boredom. Setting up and maintaining particular goals and attempting challenges, progress in other sections of what I have going on holds sentimental pride. The experience alone is a greater teacher compared to any hypothetical success it could have been if I could write my own relevant jokes with it.

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