Two And A Half Men, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

22min (2003-2015) Comedy, romance

Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer talks 'roller coaster' of ...

Charlie: [repeated line, when he senses trouble] Oh boy.

Before Charlie Sheen become a disgrace in the mainstream Two and a Half Men was one of the fun comedy sitcoms out their. Following its run for a while years ago, I remember when he got fired and replaced changing the vision of the entire show. Fond memories of chaotic situations the two and a half men were able to bring in key seasons, it is sad that it is not praised as much as it could be in 2020.

During its end Sheen was being paid millions to do individual episodes which killed it. Although this may be a big part of its legacy now, the chemistry between John Cryer and Sheen will never be replaced. And the support characters with their own unique personality and timing was also great. While some jokes can be considered in poor taste when times were bad especially, you can not deny the engagement of the story.

Overall, this review reflects the importance of this show in television history but there is a lot of holes that grew bigger over time. I highly recommend season 1 to 8 and then that’s when stuff starts to fall flat. The main point is, do not stereotype this show as a hit or miss, it contains the delivery in humour worth checking out. Or rewatch it you were following repeats back in the day on TV.


Charlie: [repeated line, when someone says something dumb] Hellouu?

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