Journal Entry 19# What Is The All-Purpose Mic?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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For many reasoning I am going to detail here, I need a microphone that fits all purposes. To truly have all the technology at my disposal in the audio field, investing for its future is a must. Currently held back with inferior talking apparatuses, my phone produces better quality recordings. Searching one that can intergrade with anything while fitting a budget range, the perfect one is out there.

Firstly I desire to speak Discord or any communication call programs and be able to be understood. Barely comprehended it becomes cringe so that fills one necessity. Then for the main reason for obtaining such a device would be the big projects. From films/videos to narrate my own audiobooks.

After some consideration, I have one choice in mind to do what I have already said. Around the 300$ There is a model labelled Zoom H5 Four-Track Portable Recorder. Containing a USB interface, various ports, mountable framework and more features. At a Max sampling rate of 24 bit (96kHz), it would be able to capture any sound as clear as day.

Overall it is a set of equipment that brings any movie scripts I have closer to life while fulfilling all my professional voice needs. I would contribute to the economy as this virus still lingers in the mist. And add one more machine to influence my creative expression. If anyone reading this knows about this stuff, let me know if you think this product is any good?

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