Journal Entry 18# One Day I Will Have A Brain Implant

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

For The First Time Ever Scientists Have Boosted Human Memory With ...

Inspired to write this because of Elon Musk and his Neuralink, I have come to the conclusion as an old man that there shall be technology in my skull. For these new details on the Joe Rogan Podcast, machine and man already has so many possibilities. For the rest of this journal entry, I will explain the machines of the future that can fit in the socket of a human brain.

Firstly no one would be able to tell I had it. Electrode threads interfacing into the brain very carefully then any medical issues that are caused by the brain can be fixed in theory. As brain cell breaks and deteriorates causing a change in the senses or plain movement, specific frequencies to repair them and return to full functionality. Musk even says a focused force to heal a quadriplegic.

Other the physical practical uses, the more interesting one is the mental. Cognitive benefits from science fiction to the present, have intriguing positives. Today scientists have proven that these enhancement implants greatly boosted memory. Allegedly eliminating dementia from existence!

Conveying complex concepts to people with precision is very difficult. So finally I want my mind to be able to work like a computer. Be able to send a pulse and solve issues that come my way more efficiently. Exchange data into a form faster without the roadblock of human error. Talk more with speaking words. Overall it has at least got to be 15 years before a logical one comes out to invest into although, imagining what it would be like, it must feel like being multiple people at once.

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