Tunnel Vision Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision | @305Magazine - Miami, FL

Google describes tunnel vision as: defective sight in which objects cannot be properly seen if not close to the centre of the field of view.

Back in 2017, I posted a poem about Tunnel Vision which has inspired be to look back into the topic. Limited vision is not always a bad thing. Having its own pros and cons, I suffer from this metaphorical mind phenomena as well. Thinking it as a blessing and a curse, the narrowing down of focusing power is emphasised and motivating to take the action resulting in getting it done.

Instead of a lack of an attention span, connecting this influence to motion allows time to move faster. You could call it a meditative state or letting energy flow, implementing various desires and somewhat. Similar to how we dream, inducing sources contains conjunctions that can form other concept or ideas. To interpret these spiritual like visions during reflective images of thought, I recommend relevant wisdom, not drugs.

Literally losing one sense to gain another, polarizing imagination mixing with perspective. Sheer will that ambitiously comes into existence. Overall, this article may be a different definition of tunnel vision, it is a view that needs to be more understood. Take away from this that language is an ever-growing thing where all things hold important paradoxical allegories.

If there’s a goal, you can’t stop me. I’ll put my head down. I’ll have tunnel vision and I’ll go until I get it. Dennis DeYoung



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