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Louis CK's Episode of "Louie" About Fat Women | Time

Right around the time, this guy was getting cancelled due to sexual misconduct, I wrote a review about Louie. There I emphasised regardless how his personal life may be, he knows messed up comedy of value. Watching some of his special during that time, the man is also very quotable. Do not judge and stereotype him as he has a lot to offer if given a chance.

  • I wish I could know everything ever, like that would be my wish – that’s what I hope heaven is, that they tell you who shot JFK and all that stuff. Louis C. K.
  • Life isn’t something you possess. It’s something you take part in, and you witness. Louis C. K.
  • The only pitch I have to movie people is the same as this one: Just give me $8 million. I’m not telling you what it’s about and I’m not telling you who’s in it. Louis C. K.
  • Being popular with an audience is a very rickety ladder to be on. Louis C. K.
  • Talking is always positive. That’s why I talk too much. Louis C. K.
  • Some entertainers don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them. Louis C. K.
  • I like pressure. Pressure doesn’t make me crack. It’s enabling. I eat pressure, and there might be times when I get a bad feeling in my gut that this might be too much, but you feel pressure when you’re not doing something, you know? Louis C. K.
  • You know, the people who do indie film and decide who gets those little budgets? They’re mean, man. They’re cold and very cool-oriented. Louis C. K.
  • I’ve met a lot of people who’ve lost their jobs and they still have a sense of humor. Louis C. K.
  • It’s a positive thing to talk about terrible things and make people laugh about them. Louis C. K.
  • Perception is created and twisted so quickly. Louis C. K.
  • I think you have to try and fail, because failure gets you closer to what you’re good at. Louis C. K.
  • You have to be aware of who you’re talking to in an audience. Louis C. K.
  • Breaking records is not something you expect to be doing. That’s like a sports thing, it’s not usually a comedy and writing thing. Louis C. K.
  • Most people are dead. Did you know that? It’s true, out of all the people that ever were, almost all of them are dead. Louis C. K.
  • I think I’m past any window where I’m suddenly going to become surprisingly ripped so that people go, ‘Oh, my God, what happened to you?’ Louis C. K.
  • Pushing the envelope’ sort of implies that you’re inside the envelope with everyone else, and you’re trying to find the edges on the outsides. Louis C. K.
  • It’s hard to know where your thoughts come from, especially when you have a thirst for material because you need it professionally. Louis C. K.
  • Some things I think are very conservative, or very liberal. I think when someone falls into one category for everything, I’m very suspicious. It doesn’t make sense to me that you’d have the same solution to every issue. Louis C. K.
  • I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Louis C. K.

Even written by book called Hillarious that is highly regarded. Comedians are supposed to be crazy and their lifestyle is expected to be grim. If you have not forgiven Louie to a certain point by now, then where is these high standards when it comes to more relevant or more important issues to be focused on?



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