Journal Entry 17# Exclusive Substance

A Journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Numerology – Number 17, Seventeen | Numerology Meaning

Considering going subscription base with specific content, I wish to discuss all my options. In making former concepts into absolutes provides a different platform private to those who decide to gain access to it. Digitally out there other than selling adds, original source material and close to being second. Either niche it out for a particular audience or just grow an archive available at some sort of price.

In theory, I can do that with my two websites although a third location that’s purely business is something I can only image at the moment. From Patreon to other various websites, the subscription seems like a plan while I am pumping out so many posts good in collections or itself alone. Not to an assortment of videos I have made and could create.

Then there’s the avenue in raw footage of non-copyright moving picture or image. I could put my two current self-published books on it for viewing. There are so many more ideas that developed, I shall have a portfolio of all sorts of digital products I can produce. Ponding my thoughts on moving forward in this, one day the grind will result in something to invest time and effort into just like this.

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