Red Herring #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

The Red Herring of Transparency | Intellectual Ventures

“Foreshadow, plot buster or red herring… only time will tell: P69 — Cassie waited; in the evening light through the window her eyes looked huge, opaque and watchful. I knew she was giving me a chance to say, Fuck the hair clip, let’s forget we ever found it. Even now the temptation, tired and profitless though it may be, is to wonder what would have happened if I had.” ― Tana French, In the Woods

Inspired by an analogy or term that I liked.

Gotcha semantics!

Disingenuous charades,

Ploys inside tactics!

“Yes sir, the fish was left in place of the crystal ball. It’s been bagged and tagged for analysis.” Great. Now we have another red herring on our hands.” ― A.F. Stewart, Fairy Tale Fusion

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