Fantasy Booking – WWE Vs AEW (Apr 3, Week 3)

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AEW – Empty Arena (Undisclosed Location)

Main Show

1. Tag team match

Billie Kay (C) & Peyton Royce (The Iconics) vs Shayna Baszler & Sasha Banks – Winner Billie Kay (C) & Peyton Royce (The Iconics) – Developing a rivalry between new and old main event female talent, the ladies deliver a 3.8/5 match. Billie gets the victory over Sasha Banks. Tony Khan tweets out that Billie Kay will defend her title at All In against Shayna.

2. Non-tittle match – Singles match

Tomoguri Ishii (C) vs Kushin Liger – Winner: Tomoguri Ishii (C) Kushin not wrestling in a while makes a worthy return gaining a lot of comebacks to the delight of the crowd. Even hits a Shooting Star Press but Ishii Kicks out. After some counter, Ishii gets his Brainbuster for the three count.

3. Non-tittle – Singles match

PAC (C) vs CM Punk – Winner: CM Punk – Punk looking skinny matches PAC’s speed. Midway there is a back and forth of slams and strikes. PAC goes for Black Arrow but is caught in mid-air into a GTS for the champ to lose.

4. Triple Threat Tag Team Match For The AEW Tag Team Championship At All Inn Qualifier

Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) vs Jon Moxley and Finn Balor (The Inner Circle) – Winner: Jon Moxley and Finn Balor – The Young Bucks still suspended keep getting opportunities fighting as underdogs while the Inner circle looks mean. Selling the back from impacts, the use of combination moves of flips, setting up the Meltzer Driver. Moxley reverses by Paradime Shifting in Midair the flipping one and doing it again to the one holding the Tombstone position. More moves and they gain their spot at All In

5. Main Event – Singles Match

Mick Foley vs (Unsigned) Bret Hart with Chris Jericho (C) – Winner Mick Foley – Hyping up the main event of All In, Jericho announces Foley’s opponent to be the Hitman. Immediately Hard’s submission game is shown due to takedowns and targetting limbs. In his element outside the ring, Mick gets back the advantage. The ending of a quick sequence has any guessing who would win. Foley gets the Mandible Claw submitting the leader of the Hart Foundation and gaining momentum as the No.1 Contender. Jericho can’t believe it.

Later on in the night, it was a rumour that MJF become under the influence of COVID-19.

WWE – Empty arena – (Undisclosed Location)

Main Show

1. Non-Tittle – Singles match

Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Vince McMahon – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin – Vince challenge Stone Cold to a match and to join his Ministry. He accepts and dominates Vince with a few Stunners. Camera fades out with Vince smiling to himself.

2. Non-tittle – Singles Match

Christ Benoit (C) vs Chavo Guerrero – Winner: Chris Benoit – Seemly knowing Benoits moves and blocking attempts, the unmasked Luchador displays his skill to get his stuff in. Known for endurance Benoit gets stronger and start overwhelming him. After some Germans the Crossface is locked in and Chavo has no choice but to tap out.

A backstage segment of Jake the Snake saying Wrestlemania will be held at Titan Tower, WWE headquarters.

3. Singles match

Undertaker (C) with Kane (C) The Ministry vs Kurt Angle with Sting (The Main Even Mafia) – Winner Kurt Angle – Underestimating Kurt Angle’s Olympic power, the conclusion has Angle with the sneaky roll up out of nowhere. 4/5 match, Taker is angry shooting a lightning bolt at Sting but he just gets out of the way from the projectile.

Jim Cornette allies himself with the Big Show backstage interupting a interview.

4. Non – Tittle – Singles Match

Rey Mysterio (C) vs (Unsigned) Buddy Murphy – Winner Rey Mysterio (C) – A prove yourself match for the Australian superstar. Both styles making the match a visual pace for anyone to see. The more experienced one won in the end.

5. Handicap Match

Big Show with Jim Cornette vs Hulk Hogen & Randy Savage – Winner: Big Show – Large and in charge, the handicap match turned into a squash match. Going so far to injury both legends at least a month. Jim Cornette never breaks character and continues to scream at them.

6. Main Event – Winners Face the World Trios tag team champions at Wrestlemania -Six man tag

Abyss, Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins (The Ministry) vs Edge, Randy Ortan, Christain – Winners: Abyss, Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins (The Ministry) – Former real world champions collide without the use of supernatural prowess. Rated RKO and Christain display all their signature and don’t let up. At the moment when they turn things around the Ministry cheats using magic turning lights off, pyro out in the empty crowd and more. Light back on and Christain is laying on his back for Rollins to make the pin.


AEW Video Game Championship – Vacant

AEW Women’s Championship – Billie Kay – Mar 4, Week 4 – Fyter Fest

Japanese Championship – Tomoguri Ishii – Mar 4, Week 4 – Fyter Fest

AEW Tag Team Championships – Jay White & Kazuckika Okada (Chaos)  – Mar 2, Week 2

X-Division Championship – Pac – Jan 4, Week 4 – Lockdown

AEW Heavyweight Championship –Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


Cruiserweight Championship – Rey Mysterio– Mar 4, Week 4 – Taboo Tuesday

24/7 Championship – Chris Benoit – Feb 4, Feb 4 – Elimination Chamber

WWE Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey – Feb 1, Week 1

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock – Mar 2, Week 2

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4 – Week 4 – Royal Rumble

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