Ungroovygords Music Playlist: 14

A playlist created by Lee Sonogan

Playlist power: streaming success in 2017

Fueling up on the combination of video music videos, here’s another playlist. For the month of April, I have been listening to these songs in a YouTube playlist plus others featured in previous posts. New bands, some covers still consuming, and more! A range of talent crossing between the highs of metal and the low inducing rhythm of different genres.

  • BANANA BRAIN – Die Antwoord
  • Fatty Boom Boom – Die Antwoord
  • Fatty Boom Boom – Frog Leap Studios – Metal Cover
  • BANANA BRAIN – Frog Leap Studios – Metal Cover
  • Chop Suey – Halocene, Lauren Babic, Violet Orlandi System OF A Down cover
  • Falling Away From Me (Violet Orlandi ft Halocene Korn Cover)
  • The Blister Exists – Slipknot
  • Ratamahatta – Sepultura
  • Into Oblivion – VADER (2020)
  • The Signal Fire – Killswitch Engage (2020)
  • Domination – Pantera
  • Jumpdafuckup – Soulfly Feat. Corey Taylor
  • Roots Bloody Roots – Sepultura
  • Can You Hear Me? – Korn (2020)
  • Save Me – Skillet (2020)
  • Seen It All – MUSHROOMHEAD (2020)
  • Let’s Get High Tonight – Steel Panther (2020)
  • Control – High Rule
  • FLYLEAP – I’m So Sick (Cover by @Lauren Babic & @Halocene)
  • Perennial – JINJER (2020)
  • Africa – Frog Leap Studios – Metal Cover

Don’t remember if I have said this before but I want to do a no-copyright themed playlist in the near future. When I get to playlist 100, that shall be hundred of songs worthy of some sort of a collection. Recycling solid songs for other reasons all have their particular purposes and uses. Anyway, always more fresh tunes coming your way as I experience them myself.



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