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Pentagon declassifies 3 videos of UFOs spotted by Navy aircraft ...

Footage released by the Pentagon on Monday appears to show unidentified flying objects soaring through the sky as they are recorded on infrared cameras. Two of the clips include surprised reactions from pilots who are clearly taken aback by how strangely the objects are moving. One even suspects the object could be a drone.

In recent alien news, as described above, more UFO footage has been publically released out to the world. The audio seems very authentic, and some of the most compelling outer world footage to see that seems realistic. Sharing this enjoying spooking content with such original source material, I also want to add my 2 cents to this conspiracy or just ignorant perception. I Saw Something in the Sky… twice and other inferred technology and capturing weird stuff.

The article in the above paragraph may be my strangest experience in unusual flying objects but my second time could have been a weird drone. Not explaining that story before I stop the car while driving a freeway to see three large star-like things close together low in the atmosphere. As it got closer it had three landing pads like a helicopter but transparent in the night sky plus glowing in blue light. Then one tiny orange light so small that it was not blinking. Then there was no sound at all while it continued its path in a straight line.

Revealing that, there is also a YouTube channel called Bruce Sees All documenting the moon’s activity with alleged comets and space stuff moving like the recently released clips. Overall, Metro references more information by names if this all intrigues you. I am still sceptical but glad leaders are releasing previously classified media or documents.

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