Journal Entry 16# Choreographing A Fight Scene

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

number 16 artwork photo – Free Leuven Image on Unsplash

The attention to detail determines a realistic fight from a cinematic one. A great action scene can make one of the most memorable scenes is whatever you may be creating. The payoff to developed plot points or establishing a new character, there is many ways this type of conflict can be executed. In theory, I can script one and doing one in the short film I made below, I yearn to do it again even if it is a one-off video or ECT.

I personally think a fight scene is the most cinematic thing you can witness because all the elements of filmmaking come together, you know, with the camera speed changes, editing, make up effects and general smoke and mirrors of trying to make it look like you are hitting someone when you’re not. It’s filmmaking in it’s purest form, I think. – Scott Adkins

INVADING LUCHA is an around 40-minute feature the ended with a supernatural like and somewhat improvised battle. Not giving to many spoilers if you ever decide to view it, I intend to do it better next time. Other than other stories in drafts describing visual violence like this, there are so many other styles that could be displayed. People training in disciplines of mixed martial arts interest in a project like this would be perfect to establish that.

Shooting wise, there is the use of video effects to speed up or slow down. Angles of the impact that mix and match moves. Right sound effects for each strike or slams. Unpredictability, for example, adding the use of weapons. From a bulleting firing from a gun, to the effect of destruction an action produces. Make up effects for wounds and blood inducing. Finally, a grand entrance for the people involved showing the importance of why hurting each other is the only answer.

Delayed in beginning the production of a script (NEW CAR SMELL) I want to bring into reality this year due to that virus, my wish of directing another fight scene at its ending scene is missed out. Inspired to write all this to keep up moral about it, one day soon I shall create a long piece of fictional video media again. Willing an opportunity like this onto the screen is a desire/long term goal still held onto by my grip.

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