A Rant About People Assuming Things When They First React

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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I could list a huge list of concepts that make me cringe and people who jump to conclusions is one of them. In connection with a recent journal entry post Journal Entry 13# Fond Of First Reaction Media – this analogy about presuming things also applies to real-life interactions. Talking out of there ass for the sake of commenting anything is impulsive for it to a decent amount of the time backfire in the eyes to those who witness it. Examples of this are everywhere online and social encounters by either those who troll or ones that end up taking every word they say seriously.

Having no filter over what spoken leads to unnecessary stereotyping, lack of relevant descriptive power, and their voice outweighs the discussion overall foreshadowing the purpose to get lost. Inspired by the video below how the man compares a women’s voice changing from high to a very deep low is of the devil. Even though he probably is ignorant of the genre of music, he was objectively against it not even getting it a chance. In the end, he said it was powerful but the shock he had at that moment was pure cringe to me.

The metaphor can be a form of cold reading in an initial feel although it’s easy to make assumptions when you only have incomplete information about a situation. It is natural to fill in the blanks, drastically interpreting expression keeps you stuck in the past if the exchange is only one way. Finishing off this rant, choose your words wisely, instead ask questions and push forward what you know you’re talking about.



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