Journal Entry 15# Searching For Clan Members In Rust!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

As Graphene Turns 15, It Is on Track to Deliver on Its Promises

Smashing out 100 hours of gameplay of Rust the last three or four weeks, I am dedicating this journal entry to the video game Rust. I have come to the conclusion that I will only get better at player vs player if I fight other clans in a group. Making progress in base design, solo raids, puzzles and the AI missions, getting competitive is what is left. Hence, I would make a good team member as a duo or higher.

The grind in Rust all alone can only take you so far otherwise you’re investing a lot of time and effort into it. So in my current 327 hours, I’m at the point where I am calling on people who are in the same boat. I also make compilation videos so that is one incentive. And I could run a side hustle in running a shop that I have been successful at before.

Yeah, so that’s my pitch to put together a team. With either Discord, Skype or Steam chat, please get in contact with me if you play that game and interested. Willing to make new mates and have a good time, let’s take control of a location on a server. Have a look at my gaming YouTube channel below to see more of what could be considered skills.

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