A Rant About Greta Thunberg

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Greta Thunberg: Unexpected Founder of an International Youth ...

I don’t want to seem like I am attacking a young adult but I do have some opinions. Purposely waiting later in her eventful career around the world and being named Person of the Year. Not being anti-kid and limiting their voice although her presence is not as creditable when you look into it. Climate change is a real thing then questioning realism, it is not as urgent as it seems.

“We are striking to disrupt the system, to create attention. And I just hope that it will turn out well.” – Greta Thunberg

Getting a little political, I just need to comment on the toxic virtue seeking tone in brought into the world and the policies being produced not proven to achieve what the group behind the girl is doing. Research this stuff your self and you shall find shakey speeches obviously written by somewhere else and over sensationalised information hiding behind true intentions.

Who cares about what level of autism she allergy may have, this amount of passion and protest from one singular person should inspire others of peer-reviewed value to speak out as well. Reminded of Political Theory vs Policy Solutions, should have our deepest concerns. The realism of what we know that shows results instead of models of systems known to show not necessity.

Concluding this rant making an argument on what I feel redundant, there is always an open dialogue to change my mind. Determining what is essential and what is not, her presence has generally made environmentalists look bad. She could be tackling the biggest carbon emission dumpers in China and India but doesn’t. Coming from a good place but I see the potential in so many others with way less attention who are worthy to debate leaders on what is really going on.



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