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It looks as if Microsoft Paint is not going anywhere anytime soon ...

Warning! The following images may be offensive! Wanting to check up on my mates and seeing what they are doing through Discord, two of them were already drawing. Beating lingering boredom, I joined them just in time to see them creating rival characters. Not referring to their real names because I have not asked them (Old Mate 1# and Freind 1# I believe would be fine with it) I am inspired by their creativity to imagine some sort of crazy adult animated series.

With these establish images of what could be, each has a personality that can be developed. Even though comedy writing is not my skill in writing, the four characters have some depth to write itself. Labelling each one by giving it a name the first one is a Pooing God. Number two is a conservative SpongeBob parody. The Gelatinous Blob is a perfect antagonist to the sponge. And Penis Head man could be interpreted as a serious type of guy who could also be a Mormon?

For this odd cast of souls to work, the world-building needs some research to gain a solid context overall but there’s a lot of information here to be expanded on. If someone funny worked with me on some sort of pilot script I would be keen. Over than that, I understand the structure, but before dialogue, there always needs to be a strong commitment to its foundation.

I wish I could improvise more original images for these blog posts and use for other projects. I can draw isometric and do basic digital picture editing. Regardless, five related images together provide conjunctions for fiction and methods establishing concepts meshed into one.



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