Journal Entry 13# Fond Of First Reaction Media

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

What's so unlucky about the number 13? - HISTORY

Reaching the number that symbolises thirteen, don’t doubt the following of what is about to be said. First Reaction videos or written content is the perfect way to find new stuff and be entertained by an honest response. Even the good ones are so good, they shall make you laugh and subscribe. Crossing what interests you and these niche personas of people is a recipe of time not wasted, indeed.

My list of YouTube Channels that I am following is growing every week. Naming the benefits of consuming first reactions include comedy as I mentioned before because of recommendations intended to surprise. Usually, they are experts in certain fields so they provide excellent feedback. Then for fictional writing, their identity and body language are interesting to learn descriptive information from.

Somewhat popular these days I even made one that Is provided below. I had two but it was completely taken off the site although I still have all the footage to be better edited. Wanting to do more in the future, there are so many other projects to make progress on. Even though my posts are not as consistent as it could, I am always reaching my daily wordmark on something cool.

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