Fantasy Booking – WWE Vs AEW (Apr 1, Week 1)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

Fantasy Booking – WWE VS AEW (Rules, Rosters, Championships, And More!)

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WWE – Empty Arena (An undisclosed location)

Main Show

A warning about COVID-19 is brought up before the show starts.

1. Singles match

Undertaker (C) vs Jeff Hardy – Winner: Undertaker (C) – Hardy has the motivation to take it to the deadman. Jeff lands some signatures gaining a pace quicker initially. Matching the speed, Take with a Big Boot. Grab’s arm to walk ropes for an old school. Sets up and lands a leg drop on outside apron. Taunting to get heat from the crowd, a comeback from Jeff. About to flip into a Swanton but Taker nips up and rolls his eyes behind his head. Jumps up to the second rope and chokeslams him off in a 360 motion for the win.

2. For CrusiserWeight Championship Singles Match Taboo Tuesday Rematch

Rey Mysterio (C) vs Chavo Guerrero – Winner: Rey Mysterio (C) Mimicking their PPV feature, Chavo get one false finish attempt but then loses to a 619.

3. Open Submission Challenge for 24/7 championship – Submission MAtch

Chris Benoit vs Shane McMahon – Winner: Chris Benoit (C) Wanting a Wrestlemania season moment, Shane challenges for the 24/7 strap. After throwing jabs only like he can, he gets Germaned around the ring. Making some brief comebacks, he can not defeat the Crippler and his Crossface.

4. Tag team match

The Fiend & Broken Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle (C) & Samoa Joe (C) with Sting (C) (The Main Even Mafia) – Winner No Contest – All four get over in a highly engaging fight that psychological told a story. Even in an empty arena, it is at least a 4/5 star match. The Ministry lead by Kane destroys all.

5. Singles match

Becky Lynch vs Asuka with Karrie Zane – Winner: Becky Lynch after a clubbing match of elbows, right hands, uppercuts and kicks. Ronda Rousey enters commentary during the match which does not distract competitors. Asuka taunts to long causing Becking to snatch the arm and bend it to Dis-armer. Wins by submission. Charlotte Flair attack Becky after the match and Ronda is mad about it.

6. For Intercontinental Championship – Singles match Taboo Tuesday rematch

The Rock C) vs Brock Lesnar – Winner: Brock DQ – Brock is more super than ever throwing the rock about the ring. Suplex City until The Rock is almost dead. Rolls outside to be chased, and grabs a weapon. Brock does not stop with ref counting outside. Calls the match. Jake the Snake comes out and says there will be one more match and shall be at Wrestlemania.

7. Main Event – six-man tag team match

Kane (C), Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) vs Xavier Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston (The New Day) – Winners Kane (C), Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) – In a prove yourself match both teams are looking to join the Trios Championship picture. The Ministry plays with the New Day outsmarting their trick in the ring. Big E with the hot tag and gets lots of offensive. Tagged backed out to Kane and evens out the fight for the Ministry to come back and not stop. The finish is a mid-air chokeslam, powerbomb and a foot stomp.

AEW – Empty arena

Main Show

A warning about COVID-19 is brought up before the show starts.

1. For AEW Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Match

Jay White (C) & Kazuckika Okada (C) (Chaos) vs (Unsigned) Bret Hart & (Unsigned) Jim Neidhart (The Hart Foundation) – Winners Jay White (C) & Kazuckika Okada (C) (Chaos) – Losing their double titles at Taboo Tuesday, the odds were against their favour due to the returning legends. Getting schooled at first, the commentators comment on the veteran’s experience. Resorting to Chaos using heel manoeuvre to make comebacks. End with a Switchblade and Rainmaker combination for the win.

2. Singles Match

Shayna Basler vs Sasha Banks – Winner: Shayna Basler – Sasha shows some strength of being a former champion. Shayna on the defensive, she aims to execute big moves. After more segments of moves, she locks in the rear-naked choke and submits the former woman to beat.

3. Singles match

Robie Eahes vs Scorpio Sky – Winner: Robie Eagles – Both teams looking to pick up some momentum view the match backstage in different locker rooms as the solo match transitions back and forth between the big moves. Will Osprey is also in the Chaos locker room. Winning fair a 450 onto Sky’s arm is enough for the one two three.

4. Singles Match – Non-tittle

Chris Jericho (C) vs Kota Isbushi with Kenny Omega – Winner: Chris Jericho – For a match, I want to see in real life, I can only imagine what this contest would be like. Describing a finish, a mid-air Judas Effect???

Tony Khan announces two matches to set up the following match to determine who faces Jericho at All In

5. Contender for No.1 contender for AEW Heavyweight champions at All In – Battle Royale

Jon Moxley vs (Unsigned) Terry Funk vs Kushin Liger vs Low-Ki vs Kenny Omega vs (Unsigned) Ric Flair vs Christopher Daniels vs PAC (C) vs Dustin Rhodes vs MJF vs Cain Valesques vs DDP vs Awesome Kong vs Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Tomoguri Ishii (C) vs Fenix vs Penta vs (Unsigned) Bret Hart – Winner: (Unsigned) Ric Flair – Woo! The Stylin Proflin Son Of A Gun is one of two people to potentially face Chris Jericho at All In. Bret Hart gets eliminated by MJF. Dustin Rhodes and Funk team up and throw out Awesome Kong, Penta and DDP. Final four is MJF vs Tomoguri Ishii (C) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi and then Ric Flair. Tomoguri Ishii (C) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi go over the top consumed on punishing each over and MJF’s help. Flair starts begging and offers to give the rub, getting MJF’s attention. Betrays him and is crowned the winner of the battle royal.

6. Main Event – Contender for No.1 contender for AEW Heavy weight champions at All In – Fatal 4 Way Deathmatch

Mick Foley vs CM Punk vs RVD vs Finn Balor – Winner: Mick Foley – As you can presume the brawl breaks into sections for them to then switch. Weapons are introduced and setup up on the stage. Punk is thrown off the stage in through a table by RVD. Foley swings a solid chair causing blood for Balor. RVD rolls into a Rolling Thunder. Foley drags Punk back to ring. Finn transforms into the demon, makeup and all and gets a comeback. Punk kicks out of a DDT attempt from foley. RVD now has a ladder and sping about hitting all three others. Lands a Five-star frog splash to be interrupted by foley. At least fifteen scenes of plot and Foley using a barbed wire baseball bat on fire hits two and then pins RVD.

Current Champions:

World Trios Tag Team Championship –Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe – Mar 4, Week 4 – Taboo Tuesday


AEW Video Game Championship – Vacant

AEW Women’s Championship – Billie Kay – Mar 4, Week 4 – Fyter Fest

Japanese Championship – Tomoguri Ishii – Mar 4, Week 4 – Fyter Fest

AEW Tag Team Championships – Jay White & Kazuckika Okada (Chaos)  – Mar 2, Week 2

X-Division Championship – Pac – Jan 4, Week 4 – Lockdown

AEW Heavyweight Championship –Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


Cruiserweight Championship – Rey Mysterio– Mar 4, Week 4 – Taboo Tuesday

24/7 Championship – Chris Benoit – Feb 4, Feb 4 – Elimination Chamber

WWE Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey – Feb 1, Week 1

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock – Mar 2, Week 2

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4 – Week 4 – Royal Rumble

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