Ten$ion, an album review (Die Antwoord)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

38:46 (2012) Alternative hip hop, punk rap, experimental rave

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Guaranteed both to amuse and to confuse, Ten$ion is a masterpiece of kitsch: an intently provocative, tongue-in-cheek rave-rap record, by a cryptic performance art group. – Best Per Minute, Metacritic

Yo Landi and Ninja are two people I have recently gotten into if you have been keeping up with my music playlists to what I have been listening to. Being a genre normally outside my comfort zone, I am surprised how much I like there style in personality and there sound overall. Somewhat bilingual in vocal tone, the song covers in metal that got me into them in the first place, and groovy tones gives me something to listen to until the day I die.

Researching for this review, some people have commented this album is good but a former one $OS is better. With Ten$ion being my first album review of this band, their music videos are as unpredictable as their rhythm. Proud of being politically incorrect in their parodies only makes them more epic in my opinion.

Tracklist for Ten$ion

  • Never Le Nkemise 1 (Recommended)
  • I Fink U Freeky (Recommended)
  • Pielie (Skit)
  • Hey Sexy (Recommended)
  • Fatty Boom Boom (Recommended)
  • Zefside Zp; (Interlude)
  • So What?
  • Uncle Jimmy (Skit)
  • Baby’s on Fire (Recommended)
  • U Make a Ninja Wanna Fuck
  • For Julie Naaiers (Recommended)
  • DJ Hi-Tek Rulez
  • Never Le Nkemise 2 (Recommended)

Still, there is a lot of their original rhythms they have I have to check out. The catchy tunes are now forever stuck in my head and that is a good thing. It shall compel me to consume all the replay value this somewhat progress beat has in relisten value. When listening in order it is ok but clearly a half of those songs are the key ones to look out for.

Their music is really freaky and that is cool! It is a mixture of African indigenous culture, colonial European and American hip-hop. This album certainly is no worse then $O$. I think that it shows the development of style of the group. – VonVerner




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