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Like a fine wine, in comedy, it takes me time to appreciate them. Dave Chappelle is a comedian that has been in the game for a long time. Knowing by reputation, checking out skits first and then stand up specials, he deserves to be honoured in a quotes list.

  • If I put forth a legitimate effort, then I feel like, if that doesn’t work out, that’s all I can do. Dave Chappelle
  • The language you are about to hear… is disturbing. Dave Chappelle
  • Constantly take inventory of what’s important to you. Dave Chappelle
  • After a while, a joke, if you say it too much, just becomes contrived, or fake-sounding.Dave Chappelle
  • I think extreme sports are really good for relieving stress. Dave Chappelle
  • The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching. Dave Chappelle
  • There are a lot of people who don’t want anything from me but to laugh and have a good time. You see them at the show and they like – they dress up to come see your show and stuff. And they pack these auditoriums and it’s a lot of fun, man. It’s like, this is how I started, and it’s still fun for me. Dave Chappelle
  • You’ve got to say ‘yes’ to your destiny. Life’s happening right now, look around you. There goes some life. Come on, Mamma, live! Dave Chappelle
  • The mark of greatness is when everything before you is obsolete, and everything after you bear your mark. Dave Chappelle
  • I have all these weird fantasies. Going coast-to-coast on my motorcycle and having random barbecues all over America. No show, no nothing. Dave Chappelle
  • There’s something about doing stand-up that’s cathartic. Dave Chappelle
  • The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive. Dave Chappelle
  • Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day. Dave Chappelle
  • If you don’t have the right people around you and you’re moving at a million miles an hour you can lose yourself Dave Chappelle
  • When I’m on stage, I get real happy there. Maybe that’s the only time in my adult life I feel like myself. Dave Chappelle
  • What did the 5 fingers say to the face. S L A P! Dave Chappelle
  • I always take a relationship to the next level. If that works out, I take it to the next level after that, until I finally reach that level when it becomes absolutely necessary for me to leave. Dave Chappelle
  • One of the things that happen when people make the leap from a certain amount of money to tens of millions of dollars is that the people around you dramatically change. Dave Chappelle
  • My generation is under-entertained. Dave Chappelle
  • Something about New York, man: You can do more comedy there probably than you can anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in being funny, New York is the place to go. Dave Chappelle
  • If someone sits and stares at you while you eat, you won’t even eat the way you normally do, because it’ll make you so uncomfortable. If I look at my dog when he’s eating, he will look at me like, “Dave, I will bite you. What are you looking at? I’m trying to eat.” It’s something that dehumanizes a person, being on display like that. Dave Chappelle
  • The only way you can know where the line is, is if you cross it. Dave Chappelle
  • No matter how old you are, if a little kid hands you a toy phone… you answer it. Dave Chappelle
  • The mark of greatness is when everything before you is obsolete, and everything after you bear your mark. Dave Chappelle
  • Money is the fuel for choices. Money gives me choices, so it’s not nothing, it’s something… Dave Chappelle
  • The world can’t tell you who you are. You’ve just got to figure out who you are and be there, for better or worse. Dave Chappelle
  • Probably hundred more I yet to find and experience…

Watching Killin’ Them Softly recently, I wish I did stand up special reviews… Regardless, he was supposed to do some comedy shows with Joe Rogan but got cancelled due to that virus. Maybe he will go on the Joe Rogan Experience one day soon to make up for that fact?



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