Journal Entry 11# PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – (Fanfiction – Movie Script) – Research/Narrative Monologue

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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One of the books I want to publish in the future is of a collection of scripts I have written. This fanfiction has already got 2 parts to it which will be provided in a link below the paragraph. In this journal entry, I intend to write a narrative monologue of the events taking place after the main character drops to the island below. Then any other concepts I can stuff in this potential dark movie to be something.

Establishing a few characters so far, Scene 1/ Act 2 shall be the long part yet to be written. As I said above, the parachuting to the island plot is half-written and my idea for what happens next will show multiple actions from around the island. I know for sure one location will be a thick and large maze with some action.

Narrating Monologue 1#/Commentator 1# (EST 3:30 Minutes Long)

Welcome… I am here today to witness those upcoming events of conflict and destruction. The thud, thud, thud, of feet slamming to the ground, makes me question why any of us were chosen. Here when you get orders you do them. Because without order, there can only be chaos if you don’t have that faith in cliches. Lambs of God, their doubt so far only leads to whatever may await. I feel empathetic for them as I am as blind and similar in spirit.

The survival of the fittest dictates the weak must suffer. Blood filled, individuals know the matter of ego must be thrown out a window. The delicate strategy has already been pondered by some while others never stopped panicking. The environment was soiled in humanity’s reflecting actions do, bring out the animal from within. Describing this mass reaction any further would make me want to be sick.

With the show most consistently going on, momentum is built as any sense of morality is drawn. Simultaneously watching them all, powerless to help I will wait as that guy their experiences an incoming surprise…

Does that float anyone’s boat? In the official script, there will be more details how this will be filmed is a compilation of fight scenes and initial outrage. Capturing the emotional tone of this situation, this is just one way I can make this commentator speak. Or even add in more commentators or however the plot develops into. Before I forget, the correct music along with this voice-over.

Drafting the other scenes and acts, they only contain basic ideas that could happen if it gets that far. Speaking draft script drafts, I start a fan fiction one about Pokemon haha, among other scripts that I have finished and tried to make decent progress on.

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