Fantasy Booking – WWE VS AEW (Mar 4, Week 4) PPV – (Taboo Tuesday/Fyter Fest)

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AEW – Fyter Fest – Jericho Cruise Pacific Ocean


1. King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega – Winner: Jon Moxley – Wearing their faction logos in their entrance two different styles clash. From what you may expect from real life the two at the first half are running into each other taking classic bumps. Jay White’s music hits and slowly come closer to the action as they stop. Omega not aware Moxley takes off his boot and knocks him at the back of the head with it. The former tag team champion is overwhelmed with stomps and Kendo stick shots to the dislike of who was watching. Moley wins.

2. King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

Mick Foley vs CM Punk – Winner: Mick Foley – The original Foley gets a legend’s pop as he comes out. Ding ding and the match starts with Punk ducking and weaving. Foley leaves the ring to get an unlabeled bag out from the outside stairs. Unloads thumbtacks on the outside of the ring and scoop slams him onto them. Time passes and Punk strikes with a Kendo stick. Mick Foley drops a signature DDT. Punk gets a GTS but a kick out. The flaming table is set up to both fighters on the top rope. Foley gets a suplex of through table for a pin and then wins.

3. King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

RVD vs Scorpio Sky with Christopher Daniels – Winner: – RVD comes out with a chair spraypainted with 4:20. Daniels gives Sky his Cane for a weapon to defend himself. Stabbing at each other with the blunt objects. Sky gets most of it. Outside RVD gets a leg drop to the apron from the barrier. A ring to ring Vandaminator is set up but Scorpio moves out of the way. Sky out of nowhere gets a cutter to a kick out. Finally, Daniels enters the ring from Van Dan to spinning kick him and bench press sky for a standing Moonsault. Picks up close chair, Five-Star Frog splash and using both for the win.

4. King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

Dustin Rhodes vs MJF – Winner: Dustin Rhodes – MJF bullies the crowd on a microphone. Dustin’s music interrupts him. MJF trips him as he gets close to apply a headlock. In the ground game, Dustin shows his experience to get out of it. Running away MJF unbuckles a turnbuckle and Irish whips him into it. Uses an STO move on the announcer table. Dustin kicks out on one for the 3/5 match to have some more weapon decisions and a Cross Rhodes for the finish. MJF is injured for three weeks after this match

Main Show

1. For X Division Championship – singles match

Pac (C) vs Penta with Phenoix (The Lucha Bros) – Winner Pac (C) Opening the show to a normal singles match, the Bastard gives the finger to the Lucha Bros when they make the walk to him. Immediately a Penta lands a big Sweet Chin like kick. Trading outside his comfort zone Pac slows down the match. Flips over Penta from a Piledriver attempt. Penta gets a Slingblade back to a pace of his preferred styled to be slow down again. A couple more back and forth and then a Black Arrow to conclude.

2. For AEW Women’s Championship – Singles match

Sasha Banks (C) vs Billie Kay with Peyton Royce (The IIconics) – Winner: Billie Kay (C) – A selection of the first half was attempting to get quick pins. Billie gets an advantage and yells out her catchphrase with Peyton ‘IIconic’. Sasha surprised her with the Back Cracker. Locks in her Bank Statement, Kay powers out of it. Trying some moves out of her playbook Kay frustrated Sasha where she makes a mistake. Then gets her three massive big boots in a row and loses her beloved championship. The IIconics celebrate the championship in their grasp.

3. Semi-Finals For King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

Mick Foley (Catus Jack) vs Dustin Rhodes – Winner: Mick Foley – Concluding their rivalry, both blast at each other with uppercuts and right hands. Foley pulls out Mr Socko to lock in the Mandible Claw. Dustin kicks him right in the centre of his testicles. Dustin goes under the ring and drags out Cody Rhodes. Foley Suicide dives and knocks them both down. A board from under the ring has barbed wire on it and slided into the ring. Then the rest of it revolves around trying to impale each other on these spikes. Both on the second rope buckle, Foley kicks Cody back. Then intentionally forces himself back with Dustin landing on him onto the points below. Dragging him off rips holes in clothes and gets the one two three.

4. Semi-Finals For King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

Rob Van Dan vs Jon Moxley – Winner: Rob Van Dan – Sabu comes out and blindsides Moxley to then feed RVD weapons. Still on his feet though, Team Extreme look concerned as he does not sell. Turning that pain into motivation Moxley takes RVD off his feet and punches. Biting at his nose, Sabu pulls him off for Moxley to get mad and Paradime Shift him. Heel Rob gets back that advantage using a Rolling Thunder, a springboard spinning kick and a staple gun.

5. Singles match

Shayna Basler vs Awesome Kong – Winner Shayna Basler – Shayna is way too quick for Kong. Basler gets in leg kicks and some heel manoeuvres without Awesome holding on to her. Kong finally gets her up in a fireman’s carry, slips off chokes her to the floor. Long has no choice but to submit to the newest female to the roster.

6. For Japanese Championship – singles match

Hiroshi Tanahashi (C) vs Tomoguri Ishii – Winner – Tomoguri Ishii (C) – Hiroshi comes out looking stoic as ever. Ishii dominating the last couple of weeks looks like a killer. Imagine a 4.5/5 star match displaying all they can do and the unpredictability of excitement you want. The ending shows some counters in velocity and a massive brainbuster to ignite the new Japanese champion.

7. Finals For King Of The Deathmatch Tournament – Deathmatch

Mick Foley (Catus Jack) vs Rob Van Dan with Sabu – Winner: Mick Foley – With the tournament concluding, the stakes were high. Once the bell rang, RVD goes for a handshake. Foley accepts but then spat directly in the face. Listing spots before the finale of the tournament were a Vandamitor that hits. A concrete block and an elbow present a comeback for an old mate Catus Jack. Sabu interrupts again and Foley has enough piledriving him for Sabu further injured due to this match, now out of the field. Going another 15 minutes, both men were pouring out with blood. RVDs mounted elbows split open the wounds wider.

8. Main Event For World Trios Tag Team Championship and the AEW Heavyweight Championship If Chris Jericho is pinned – six-man tag-team match

Chris Jericho (C), Finn Balor (C) and Jon Moxley (C) (The Inner Circle) vs Jay White, Kazuckika Okada, Robbie Eagles (Chaos) – Winners: Jay White (C) (C), Kazuckika Okada (C) (C), Robbie Eagles (C) (Chaos) – Jericho and White start the match starting with a test of strength. Breaking down to chain wrestling, after being evenly matched Jericho backs off and tags out. Then it is Finn Balor vs Kazuchikta to showcase their skills. Balor tags Moxley in for Okada to target his fatigue in previous deathmatches. To the point where Moxley gets injured for estimated 2-3 weeks because of it. Robbie Eagles now in takes it to Chris Jericho and gets a near fall. Finn protects him as Okada is in after the Painmaker. Jericho just makes it to tag out. Then the 3 vs 2 collide with the only two legal in. Okada hits his Rainmaker and pins Balor to take the Trios championship but not the heavyweight champ.

WWE – Tab0o Tuesday – Mexico City

Main Show

1. Best of seven series #6

Shawn Micheals vs Daniel Byran – Winner: Daniel Byra via submission – Shawn and Byran appear when their music hits from portals accompanied by demons. And then satan’s leave them dizzied in the middle of the ring. Slow-mo fighting, they slow attack each other as new moves faster are remembered. Thrown to the ropes they dodge each other to result in a staredown. Returning to full strength they finish the last half embracing the strong style type of wrestling. Byran submits Shawn Micheals with the Yes Lock, for the crowd to chant Yes and Byran slowly raising his arms to them simultaneously.

2. For CrusiserWeight Championship(Mask vs Hair, 10 Minute Ironman, No Countout match)

Chavo Guerrero (C) vs Rey Mysterio – Winner: Rey Mysterio (C) The match is decided to be a no count-out. Chavo comes out cockier than usually. Rey is wearing a USA mask running to the ring. Playing heel, Rey makes a comeback with a bad guy typical move. Chave sets Rey up on the ropes seemly for a 619. Missing Rey pushings him down to the outside floor. Flipping senton and then gets hun back in the ring. More Lucha historical moves before the finish takes place. Rey sets up for the 619, hits it, springboard Dragonrana him and gets the victory for the strap.

3. Open Submission Challenge for 24/7 championship – Submission MAtch (5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes)

Chris Benoit (C) vs Eddie Guerrero – Winner: Chris Benoit (C) – Jake the Snake Roberts, AKA the GM of the WWE comes out and says Benoit will be challenging a long time friend in Eddie Guerrero. And the time limit chosen by the fans is twenty minutes. Mexican Surfboard is put in against Benoit. Benoit counters it transitioning into it to a rear-naked chokehold. More submissions take place as the 20-minute mark is close. Eddie uses an Angle lock in the final minute, somersaulting out, a flipping cross-face is manhandled into position where Eddie is in a lot of pain until he could not hold in any more.

4. For WWE Women’s Championship – singles match (Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch or Karrie Zane)

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Charlotte Flair – Winner Ronda Rousey (C) Crowd chooses a Flaur as the queen charges to Ronda already in the ring. Unsigned Nikka Bella shakes her booty and comes to the commentary to help announce. Woo! and Flair suings her chops to keep some distance. On the outside apron Flair hits a Moonsault. Ronda gets a Samoa Drop back inside. Resulting in a 3.5/5 the match ends not overshadowing the following matches.

5, For Intercontinental Championship – singles match

The Rock (C) vs Brock Lesnar – Winner: The Rock (C) via DQ – Imagine the SummerSlam 2002 match they had in real life seemly with The Rock passing the torch. But this time Paul Heyman does something illegal and gets caught. Ref calls the match and Brock looks pissed. F-5’s The Rock, then the Ref. Turning attention to Heyman, he looks scared and then he is F-5ed into oblivion.

6. For World Trios Tag Team Championship – Six-Man tag

Jay White (C) (C) Kazuckika Okada (C) (C) Robbie Eagles (C) (Chaos) vs Kurt Angle, Sting , Samoa Joe (Main Event Mafia) – Winners: Sting (C), Kurt Angle (C), Samoa Joe (C) (The Main Event Mafia) – Sting reveals this is his mystery prize he won weeks ago. Chaos comes out confident about their recent PPV win and multiple tag team belts. One of ones are fantasy or dream-like making the fans already debating solo interpromotional matches of the future. After a fair and evenly matched WWE vs AEW, Sting Scriopian death locks his way for the double champs to lose one of them. Robbie Eagles is the weakest leak, submitting to this finisher.

7, For WWE Tag Team Championships (Steel cage, TLC match (No Hanging titles), lumberjack match)

Undertaker (C) & Kane (C) (The Brothers of Destruction) vs The Fiend & Broken Matt Hardy – Winners: Undertaker (C) & Kane (C) (The Brother Of Destruction) Tables ladders and chairs already are ready to set up about the arena. The Fiend and Hardy enter together as the lights go out and Vanguard footage of night vision shows them appear out of nowhere. The Brother of Destruction appears in the ring. Naming key spots, The Fiend vs Kane and Hardy vs Taker brawl out in the audience. Hardy taking a ladder with him does a massive leg drop from a stairs exit onto equipment table with Taker. Kane chokeslams The Fiend back into the ring area over the barrier to set up a table. Hardy gets Taker back to ring to save Fiend. Combination moves, ladder spins taking out everyone. Double chokeslams through a table, all finishers and signature get kick out. Ending the camera is close up and Taker and Kane eyes glow, get bet competitors and do two massive jumping Tombstones for the victory.

8. Main Event – Winner Chooses Type of Match At Wrestlemania (Singles match, First blood, No Hold Barred)

Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Triple H – Winner Triple H – Fan choosing a First Blood match, both wrestler exit the ring for weapons. Stone Cold gets a chair, H a sledgehammer. Clashing weapons, the ref gets in between them. While ref got the chair away H gets a clean shot to the head and throws the hammer away, Being booed goes for a Pedigree. Big back body drop to the delight of the crowd. Stomping a mudhole to H, the audience gets louder. Reversing segments of trading blows occur, beating the crap out of each other. Stone Cold grazes H’s face along the apron. After a lot more contact of close calls and big slams, there is a Stunner although Steve’s faced is clawed at the same time. Bleeding from the bottom of the eye down to the cheek, he loses determined by the rules of the match the fans wanted. Triple H chooses a Three Stages of Hell Match at Wrestlemania. The show ends as world news begins to unload the pandemic to the world as COVID-19 kills its first victim.

Current Champions:

World Trios Tag Team Championship –Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe – Mar 4, Week 4 – Taboo Tuesday


AEW Video Game Championship – Vacant

AEW Women’s Championship – Billie Kay – Mar 4, Week 4 – Fyter Fest

Japanese Championship – Tomoguri Ishii – Mar 4, Week 4 – Fyter Fest

AEW Tag Team Championships – Jay White & Kazuckika Okada (Chaos)  – Mar 2, Week 2

X-Division Championship – Pac – Jan 4, Week 4 – Lockdown

AEW Heavyweight Championship –Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


Cruiserweight Championship – Rey Mysterio– Mar 4, Week 4 – Taboo Tuesday

24/7 Championship – Chris Benoit – Feb 4, Feb 4 – Elimination Chamber

WWE Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey – Jan 2, Week 2

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock – Mar 2, Week 2

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4 – Week 4 – Royal Rumble

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