The Silent Prayer Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Waiting When God Seems Silent | Desiring God

When I say the silent prayer I do not mean hooping and hollerin internally and/or externally. Focused on the muted tone, the silent prayer is a meditative state anyone can try. Simple enough, the real question is can you exist in the quietness of new perspectives? And narrow the mind down to a point while remaining naturally still?

Making progress of my own spiritual trance, Jesse Lee Peterson has pushed me in the right direction. As the video below explains, whatever you may call to god or the sprit, this technique is as foundational as any other. The inner dialogue will play, and your role is to be the observer with no fear. Once you accept the narrating dimensional world, real consciousness begins to activate.

Hyper awareness is the first stage you will get if you end up this far. By removing all subjective or objective themes based on ego, the inward journey bounds the sandboxes of imagination. Almost like daydreaming, whatever sudden vision different than emotion reveals bursts of context. Seemly having rules of their own, defining the separateness is still something that I am personally working on.

I could attempt to dissect the spiritual elements to it all, but I have only gotten so far when some benefits towards clarity, sleeping, energy. and inspiration. Pushing this can botch any achievement in making it to another level while takes time and practise to gain results. Mainly the skills you need to know are the repairs to tension and channelling the peaceful force against the negative onslaught.

Willing to experiment more with this, a sensory deprivation tank can create a similar to an out of the body like experience. Then there is hypnosis, I want to look more into because unconscious I do that anyway. Overall if you do not gradually do this with patience, you got to be willing to understand what risks are you willing to take. Taking an introspective trip in a matter of the universe, there is a big difference between ‘Woke’ revelations and reflecting the light of a cornucopia of potential realities.

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