Journal Entry 10# Widening My Understanding Of Music Through Video Editing

A journal Entry Written by Lee Sonogan

ANGEL NUMBER 10 (Meanings & Symbolism) – ANGEL NUMBERS

Within the slow progress in learning how music is made and why video editing is one more tool that exercises this craft. With objective control along a timeline directed at key moments, combined at the right times becomes an art similar to the tone of sound. The more I compile footage for either video game compilation videos or stuff on UNGROOVYGORDS, the timing is everything.

Limbering up my vocal cords, I am also learning to scream as linked above in a previous journal entry. As these potential voice-overs only add to the layered on the duration of whatever may it be. Back to editing, there is so many more sound effects or filters to mess around with to make it even more interesting. For now, growth in correct placement is happening.

The grind of video production is a long and rewarding one even though It takes times to be something of value. If I crank out the electric keyboard I also have and mimic tutorial videos than my education on this subject will be attached to everything rhythmically at my disposal. Stay tuned if I reach a point where I need to update on this development.

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