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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has been released ahead of schedule and is available to play as an early access title, but be aware of bugs.

I’m in Lockdown with my kids.
I just ignored them for 4 hours straight.
This game is great.
– Kozak (Steam Review – 5.2 hours)

Let me start off by asking ‘Should I buy this video game?’. The first Mount & Blade came out eight years ago and I own it on Steam, playing a little bit off it since then, footage from this sequel does look way more epic. Multiplayer and campaign mode look very fresh although some people have commented its very similar to the previous game in features. Holding RPG missions/upgrades, sword and shield strategy and customizing an army with commands all seem enough to consider purchasing this game.

The non-linear sandbox role-playing aspects look well done with interactions with NPC’s. How you reply to their dialogue has a fast amount of decision to make for your own gain. Some of the towns are apparently empty but I will give it the benefit of the doubt being so early in its existence. Campaign/medieval battles appear to be the most interesting thing about it so far other than the other adventures right now.

Already having my hands full with Doom Eternal and halfway through a Rust Wipe, a third relevant video game is too much ATM. Then there is the choice of getting it at its current price in Early Acess before and goes up to $100 buck. Regardless, all my friends online are playing it and continue to re-launch it due to initially programmed errors. For more information about the production of Bannerlord, press the links above for more details.

It’s a little lacklustre at the moment, more content needed for this steep price tag. Generally I’ll still play it due to better graphics than older Warband. But would avoid until more content added over time. Will change review when the time comes. – Gyroflux (Steam Review – 17 Hours)

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