Political Theory vs Policy Solutions

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Towards a Global International Relations?

Note: This article will feature on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE under the book There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia (First Draft) done in parts.

There is a big difference between political theory vs grounding proposals in what should be pushed into action. In the foundation of ideology, it is one thing to engage questions at a broader scope that can lead to the subjective. In the debate defining what is objective and what is not, you need to know more than what benefits you to have discussions on things focused on reality as a goal.

“There is no rest for the humble except in despising the great, whose only thought of the people is inspired by self-interest or sadism.” ― Louis-Ferdinand Céline

The nature of this discussion is pointless if both parties do not want to achieve the best plan of both speakers one on one and in governments. Isolating absolute truths of any issue never delays important changes being made. Instead of making cases in the unnecessary entitled topics, to an efficient form of reasoning towards consistent growth.

While we leave this to the various politicians and social commentators to obtain and research well-executed sources of information, talk like this with the average person in minimal. Then specifically the keyboard warriors overreact online causing trigging outrage with no end positive results. Proven systems of life grab your attention more when they come if any.

“If your political theory requires humanity to “evolve”, then you do not have a theory…. you have a dream.” – A.E. Samaan

Making an argument based around something with loopholes is hard to take seriously as well as easy to dissect if you get that far. Concluding, evolution takes years to sprout in humanity, the best we can do now is commit to what works and as a collective develop it into something of value. Whatever that may be, know that if your gonna speak about the world’s spectrums of concepts, the truth is unable to lie.



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