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Note: Contents of this journal entry will feature on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE under the book You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words: UNGROOVYGORDS Advanced Guide For Creative Writing (First Draft) done in parts.

Gradually joining all that I write about, this one of many books somewhat being worked on at the same time are coming together. On separate drafts on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE, all my Starter’s Guide For Writing series and other sources compiled from different places is at it’s the start of proofreading. Still there a lot of subject matter that needs to be covered influencing these following images from Pinterest.

10 Storytelling Elements That Work
Content for any kind of news writing. (Magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc.)
The Limits of the Human Body Push your characters to the limit without actually killing them off.  We have an irrepressible urge to push our boundaries and set records. How much further can we go, physically and mentally, before we reach our ultimate limits
There's more than one word to describe a feeling. Pick one. |Writing Tips - Fiction | #amwriting #writing #words #writingtips
One Page Story Writing Challenge Prompts
How to hint at romance between two characters when writing a novel
How To Effectively CUT WORDS From Your Novel + When It’s Okay To Use “Weak Words” | Abbiee | Writing Tips | Writing Advice | Editing | Passive Voice | Prose | Copy Editing | Revision | Novel |
Character Background: 7 Tips to Write Better Backstory | Now Novel
Narrative Writing No Prep Printables by Pink Tulip Teaching Creations | Teachers Pay Teachers
Ideas for the first sentence of a book. #nanowrimo #YWP Yoga is the inspiration of life
My students have such a hard time with adding description to their writing. These Show Don't Tell charts help elementary students to write with more expression and to show action. Each anchor chart comes with a commonly overused word in writing and examples of how to show that word with detail. Great for revising, writing journals and notebooks, wall posters and more! #showdonttell #writingstrategy #writersworkshop #anchorcharts #descriptivewriting #narrativewriting
14 Tips from Stephen King
Your Character's Appearance - Get To Know Them | The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Your Character's Appearance from She's Novel
Story conflict examples - Infographic | Now Novel
How to Start a Writer's Notebook  #CherylProWriter | writing advice | writing tip
Author, Jody Hedlund
Things you can say in response to literally anything - Wititudes
How Long Should Your Manuscript Be? - Between the Lines Editorial | fantasy novel length, historical fiction length, young adult novel length, story length, word count
Resume power verbs and Resume tips to boost your Resume
Infographic - world building tips | Now Novel  #worldbuilding #writing #authors
Share this simple infographic explaining POV.
Ten Pin Linky - Writing Ideas
We think in words and by those words, we live our lives. Our shape everything from our actions to our feelings. We can expand our minds and our lives by growing our vocabulary. Why not set the odds in your favor by learning positive words. Just glancing at this list is uplifting. Search this list of positive words and add them to your vocabulary. What positive or inspirational words that you want to live by?
Poetry anchor charts! Love these. They were perfect for my bulletin boards and word wall. Plus I made them for each student's writing binder! Great visuals for the kids!
A FLICK CHICK: Quirks, Flaws – Improve Plot With Character Development
Stop Light Paragraph Writing- Teaching lower grades to write an informational paragraph.
How to Kick Off Your Opinion Writing Unit | True Life: I'm a Teacher
Shakespearean Insult Kit / Let's bring some of these back into modern literature
Writing An Expository Essay [The Ultimate Guide]
Write a Fight Scene: Hero Fends Off an Attack to Protect Friend | Better Novel Project
Awesome Writing Anchor Charts to Use in Your Classroom
Here are the Eight Great Spelling Rules with links to memorable MP3 songs and raps to help your students (and you) remember them. TURN THEM UP!
This Sentence Has Five Words: A Lesson from Gary Provost on Varying Sentence Length
List of synonyms for amazing to use in your writing. Choose the best words to use instead of amazing. Admirable, alarming, astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, beautiful... #synonyms #amazingsynonyms #writing #positivewords
Formal_Informal_English  (Formal Writing Expressions) (Formal letter Practice) (For and Against essay) (how to write a film review) (film review) (film review) (opinion essay) (a magazine article) …
How to Take Charge of Your Novel's Symbolism
I think new writers are too worried that it has all been said before. Sure it has, but not by you. #writing #quotes #inspiration #inspirational #motivation #motivational #positive #positivity #writer #author #story #book #novel
Here are easy-to-follow steps to get your nonfiction book on Amazon in 30 days or less. No need to drag out the writing process. Professional writers teach themselves to organize and write fast, and you can too. #writebetterfiction #writefast #30daybook #velocitywriting
Go Teen Writers: Writing Great Villains

Speaking of an estimate of the overall word count of this specific book, there’s at least 34,500 with so much more room for structure and general flow. Key elements for the book will be an advanced guide so absolutely everything I have learnt and also more shall be added during the production of it. The Lists alone can be made based on these informative and creative prompt-like ideas.

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