The Best That Money Can’t Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War, a book review

A book review written by Lee Sonogan The Best That Money Can't Buy: Beyond Politics ...

The Venus Project is a brilliant concept proposed by Jacque Fresco. Anyone interested in the current state of affairs in our world and the future should read this. – Maja Dezulovic (Goodreads 5/5)

The futurist’s guide to designing the ultimate synchronicity political system. This book by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows blends the philosophy of science, spirituality, technology and the environment together. Raising the standard of living in automatic cities and democracy like government (Always a small government)

Not writing about The Venus Project in a while, I have certainly referenced it multiple times in the above review and the below articles and quotes. It might as well be the best option in the long run as either previous said that it will be the model for a world government, or countries around the world will create sophisticated cites similar to the outlines of this book.

Written in a bold style, it discusses how society is structured and what can be done. The multidisciplinary approach is informative making you want more. One con would be I wished it had more scientific studies or complex examples but then the book would be huge. The images of 3D animation show some detail although leaves more questions than answers.

A lot of these ideas can be implemented for the last 100 years. Alternative socioeconomic as third parties should not be overlooked and at least take influence from their best concepts. Some may discredit it as overbearing crazy utopia stuff, then when you check it out it has enough conjunctions to link to other relevant information you need to know.


It’s hard to believe that there are people out there who haven’t heard of the Venus Project, but unfortunately most people haven’t and this book is a great visual introduction, although YouTube is full of video and lectures. I love the Venus Project, it seemed so radical in 2008 when I found out about it. Now it almost doesn’t seem radical enough. This is the direction of thought progressives of the world should embrace. – Jason (Goodreads 5/5)

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