An Open Letter To Bethesda – Doom Eternal Multiplayer

An article written by Lee Sonogan

DOOM Eternal – BATTLEMODE Multiplayer Overview - YouTube

Reaching around the halfway mark of the game at the moment, the campaign foremost is the break out solo shooter that you want. But this open letter is about the current online Battle mode. While it has a good system of putting you into a game against other players fairly balanced with your level. There are other ultimate competitive tests I want to pitch compared to the nuances of this one.

Below there is a link where I highly praised the campaign for how unique it is in AI and overall gameplay. Why only 2 on 1 matches with its launch? First, this game could have had a co-op mode easily enough. Normal deathmatch with some customizability would have been better in my opinion.

Now for my pitches, there are ways to be innovated with this video games engine. There’s the rip-off/immigration changed to a point in either battle royal modes, play as Doom monster during someone else’s solo campaign is they decide to use that option. Team Survival, king of the hill, capture the flag, search and destroy plus more amongst FPS known goals of a server.

Summing up all that was mentioned, I know there’s some new DLC coming out but do not stop updating the mass multiplayer aspect straight away. If you desire people to be sticking around for hours of replaying value, please announce something before I finish the game and then I just keep playing. Anyway here’s the first (Compilation) video I have been editing together for your enjoyment.

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