Ungroovygords Music Playlist: 13

A list created by Lee Sonogan

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The unlucky number of 13 marks this particular playlist in the month of March. With yesterday taking a day off, I’m back to show you what I have been listening too. Under lockdown tunes of all assortments must be had implemented during uncertain times. As life goes on there is always a reason to never be infected with boredom at least.

  • Isolated System – Muse (2012 2nd Law)
  • Hysteria – Muse (2010 Absolution)
  • I FINK U FREEKY – Die Antwoord
  • I FINK U FREEKY – Frog Leap Studios (2017 Metal Cover)
  • Parpaing – Igorrr (2020 Parpaing)
  • Catatraphist – Trivium (2020 Catastrophist)
  • Solway Firth – Slipknot (2020 Unsainted)
  • The Only Thing They Fear Is You (2020 Doom Eternal)
  • Bury A Friend – Halecene (2019 Metal Cover)
  • Camel Dancefloor – Igorrr (2020 Spirituality and Distortion)
  • Psychosocial – Rob Scallon (2017 Banjo Cover)
  • White Wine Spritzer – Okilly Dokilly (2016 Howdilly Doodilly)
  • Critical Darling – Slipknot (2019 We Are Not Your Kind)
  • Jinher – Pisces (2017 King of Everything)
  • Toss a Coin to Your Witcher – Frog Leap Studios (2020 Metal Cover)
  • Godzilla – Eminem (2020 To Be Murdered By)
  • Sex Metal Barbie – In This Moment (2015 Ritual)
  • Havana – Ankor (2018 Metal Cover)
  • Spaghetti Forever – Igorrr (2017 Savage Sinusoid)
  • Time Is Running Out – Muse (2010 Absolution)

Putting out fewer album reviews recently, these playlists hint at what could be randomly published. Playing a lot of Doom at the moment, maybe there is some more themed playlists I could do on such a genre of sound. Then there will be an opportunity to relisten to stuff not shared to the public from myself and more research I need to gather for other things.



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