Journal Entry 7# A Firing At The Hip Twitter Sesh

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Twitter is my bar. I sit at the counter and listen to the conversations, starting others, feeling the atmosphere. – Paulo Coelho

From the unlucky number of 13 in the previous post, here is my seventh journal entry. Since I launched this website UNGROOVYGORDS I have been actively using Twitter to share my content. There a have a decent following with a current number of 271 people. Still relatively new to it, searching it shows one thing that it is known for. Particularly hashtags or trends that are at most controversial comments and conflict over all sorts of the subject matter.

Not normally a one to join in the debate or conversation in forums or social media, I have been fantasizing about putting out stuff that will get people tweeting and.or triggered. Promote this website and ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE which also shares published content to this platform. And publically send messages to famous people I respect with questions or even no limit pitches.

Tweet ideas of the top of my head:

  • Maybe a relevant quote a day?
  • Short video replays to something if I feel I must
  • Share key sentences from my existing open letters to famous people
  • Tweet at already going conversations and add my two cents
  • Call out people for making bad arguments
  • Honour people if they deserve it
  • Add peoples Twitter @ in my normal shared posts
  • Retweet discussions and individual tweets
  • Probably much more that I am missing right now.

There I would feed off the potential reactions it could get. Using it as a writing exercise if things turn bad I can still easily delete it. Nonetheless, this is just a concept to start a plan to do so. A point of doing these digital journals is to lay the foundation of ideas and then comment on various projects at different stages. I got plenty of ideas that need to be documented going through its process of becoming more!

There are risks in the sheer brevity of Twitter, and it’s actually quite an elegant art reducing what you have to say to 140 characters, and it’s something that I quite enjoy attempting to do. – Richard Dawkins

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