Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2018) Shooter, multiplayer

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Black Ops 3 was the best Call Of Duty video game in it the franchise. This sequel promised new and improved features like every other time, so I gave this game a chance. News of the Battle Royale mode and zombies returning hooked me in, playing it off and on for about four months and then suddenly stopped and never looked back.

Got boring very quickly: I played this game non-stop for about a month, and then basically quit. It’s very repetitive, but still decent. 6/10 – IMDB (Maxd-61061)

Putting some effort into its only multiplayer modes, the type of smoothness it has during gameplay is somewhat different although not that interesting. Missing a campaign mode hurt it but, the battle royale mode was fun to a certain degree. Having their own locations of architecture reminded me of Apex Legends and the zombie only areas was a nice touch.

Multiplayer was exactly the same as the previous game so I played next to nothing of it. Even the remade maps did not create enough interest. Then there was a lacklustre version of zombies mode not nostalgic to the original fans at all. Seemly more complex, it did not deliver at all for me.

I do not recommend this video game due to my experience I had and I have played many COD games. Decent for some people who have never played a shooter, lamest for promising to much then it could realistically achieve. Plus the microtransactions was an annoying distraction.


Just end the series already.: Call of Duty has been dead since modern warfare 3. I’m only giving this a 5 because of the time developers put work into the game but make no mistake it’s still as stale as ever. – IMDB (muleobsolete)

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