Fantasy Booking – WWE Vs AEW (Mar 4, Week 4)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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AEW – Pacific Ocean – Jericho Cruise


1. Triple Threat match

RVD vs Tomoguri Ishii vs Adam Hangman Page – Winner: Tomoguri Ishii – Hangman comes out representing The Bullet Club. RVD and Tomoguri enter to attack each other midway to the ring. Hangman joins them. After some moves, they go to the ring and the match ends as quickly as it starts. Tomoguri Ishii dominates and hits his finish on Page for the win. Hangman starts drinking beer from a fan after.

Main Show

1. Tag team match

Chris Jericho (C), Fin Ballor (The Inner Circle) vs Mark Brisco & Jay Brisco (The Briscoe Brother – Winners Chris Jericho (C), Fin Ballor (The Inner Circle) – The Briscoes show fatigue from the match they had last week. Inner Circle works together blending old movies into new ones. Briscoes prove themself to the high profile group. Fall to Jericho to the Walls of him.

2. Singles match

Jon Moxley vs Scroio Sky with Kazarian – Winner: Jon Moxley after a fast-paced action fight between high risk and outside brawls. Moxley attacks Kazarian so he can focus on sky more. Some counters to Jon gets the Paradime Shift for the win.

3. Singles match

Robbie Eagles vs Kota Ibushi – Winner Kota Ibushi Representing Chaos Robbie Eagles acts as the hell in this singles match. The Australian gets his speedy strike at Kota. Kota counters and hits a massive Moonsault. Eagles hits a 450 onto Kota’s arm. Kota hits his finisher and gets revenge from last week.

4. Qualifier for AEW Video Game Championship Tournament – Grand Theft auto multiplayer deathmatch

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce (The Iconics) vs Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) – Winner: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) Ten lives each both teams fire at each other in the close corners area someone customizable made. Peyton is knocked out completely first. Kay gets the Young Bucks to fewer lives with Kay almost eliminating one with one life left. Then she dies in the video game.

5. qualifying match for King Of The Deathmatch Tournament at Fyter Fest

Kenny Omega vs Christopher Daniels – Winner: Kenny Omega of The Bullet Club comes out first alone for Daniels to follow along. in the aftermath of a dream match that I want to see on Dynamite, they shake hands for a 4.5/6 match.

6. Tag-team hardcore match

(Unsigned) Terry Funk & Mick Foley vs Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes – Winner: Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes – The hardcore legend Funk pops the crowd. Rhodes gets booed. Back and forth all four men performed liked they were in there prime. The finish is Cody Rhodes hitting his finisher on Funk after a solo encounter of a veteran.

7. winner gets hired – Singles match

(Unsigned) Maryse with (Unsigned) The Miz vs (Unsigned) Shayna Basler – Winner: Shayna Basler – The Miz hypes up Maryse in their grand entrance. Basler comes out and smacks her around and then chocks her out. Hired! and then bites a chunk off the back of The Miz at the end of the match

8. Main Event – No.1 contender for aew tag championships the week after fyter fest – tag team match

Penta & Pheonix (The Lucha Bros) vs (Unsigned) Bret Hart & (Unsigned) Jim Neidhart (The Hart Foundation) Winners: Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (The Hart Foundation) The Lucha Bros with all the pyro they can come out. Then that music hits the fans with the classic team makes there way towards their opponents. Slowing down the pace The Hart Foundation force the Lucha Bros. to slow down and get more technical. Which they do successfully although caught in a Hart Attack they lose.



1. Fatal 4 way elimination match

Batista vs Sting vs Eddie Guerrero vs Hulk Hogen – Winner: Sting – In this pre-show match. they all smash each other with clubbing blows. The fight separates with two outside and the other two inside. There’s a Batista Bomb, Stinger Splash, Frog Splash, a Hulk up and two eliminations. Sting overcomes the Hulk up to win. Main Event Mafia come out to celebrate.

Main Show

1. Singles match

Broken Matt Hardy vs Cursed Jeff Hardy – Winner: No Contest – Jeff comes out looking clearly possed. Hardy runs out shouting deletes. They give a classic Hardyz Boyz match but Jeff played heel. Twist of Fate and the spirit leaves Jeff’s body. Relieved, both brothers leave the arena.

Seth Rollins has a segment and preaches the woes in who will become the new GM on the WWE

2. The winner becomes gm of wwe raw – singles match

Jake The Snake Roberts vs Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar – Winner: Jake The Snake Roberts coming out with his snake. Heyman looks scared coming to the ring. They lockup and The Snake overpowers him. Heyman goes outside the ring to consult Lesnar. Jake hits him from behind. Drags him into the ring and delivers his infamous DDT for the in.

3. Six-man tag

Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Abyss (The Ministry) vs Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Big E (The New Day – Winner: Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Abyss (The Ministry) After entering second because The New Day makes their way to the ring, All three members of the Ministry flank them. They stand the attack pushing them back to the ring. The New Day put in the competitive effort but suddenly are overwhelmed with a lot of combos. Abyss pins Big E.

4. Best of seven series 5# – Singles Match

Daniel Byran vs Shawn Micheals – Winner: No Contest – Taking the fight into the crowd, they brawl within the sight of some demons. They surround the violence. The ref is counting for no one to notice. Then there’s a Sweet Chin and a flying knee colliding knocking both out. Ten and the ref calls it. Demons carry the wrestler’s bodies away into the unknown.)

5. Intergender match

Becky Lynch vs Vince McMahon – Winner: Becky Lynch wins after Vince at first toying with her for the majority of the match. Until he gives her the finger and leaves. Becky looks pissed off in the middle of the ring.

6. 10 person intergender tag team match

The Rock (C), Chavo Guerrero (C), Chris Benoit (C) Kane (C) Ronda Rousey (C) vs Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Randy Order, Lita – Winners: Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Randy Order, Lita – After a chaotic brawl within all the bodies laying in their signatures one by one, the champions side gets the early advantage picking of Rey Mysterio. Chavo gets a spot with Lesnar but that gets destroyed. At the end, Triple H and The Rock are left with the WWE Champion no.1 contender getting a surprise Pedigree for the win.

7. The Fiend and Hardy get tag team shot of Taboo Tuesday or Demon gets hired

Demonator (Unsigned) vs The Fiend – Winner: The Fiend – The Demonontor eyes glow bright red and charge Bray Wyatt AKA The Fiend. After a beat down The Fiend seems more supernatural and gets a comeback. Some false finishes with both fighters equally protecting and getting offensive. Mandle Claw and the demon panics to eyes to reglow. Slightly fights back but is overwhelmed. The Fiend with more power strangles consistently as the demon passes out.

8. Main Event – 666 Match In Hell

Undertaker (C) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) With Lucifer himself watch the match was marked with the number of the beast. Giving in to the demand of Satan they take strong style to the next level. Each punch, kick and slam is to the delight of the king of the underworld. By the end Stone Cold reverses the Tombstone to a final stunner for the win. The demon leader stands up and gives opening applause. The video ends as Undertaker creating a portal and goes back to Earth.

Current Champions:

World Trios Tag Team Championship – Chris Jericho, Finn Balor, Jon Moxley (The Inner Circle) – Mar 1, Week 1


AEW Video Game Championship – Vacant

AEW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks – Jan 4, Week 4 – Lockdown

Japanese Championship – Hiroshi Tanahashi – Jan 1, Week 1

AEW Tag Team Championships – Jay White & Kazuckika Okada (Chaos)  – Mar 2, Week 2

X-Division Championship – Pac – Jan 4, Week 4 – Lockdown

AEW Heavyweight Championship –Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


Cruiserweight Championship – Chavo Guerrero – Feb 4, Week 4 – Elimination Chamber

24/7 Championship – Chris Benoit – Feb 4, Feb 4 – Elimination Chamber

WWE Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey – Feb 1, Week 1

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock– Mar 2, Week 2

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4 – Week 4 – Royal Rumble

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