Capitalism, A Love Story, a documentary review

A documentary review written by: Lee Sonogan

2hrs7mins (2009) Documentary, crime, news

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: I left Europe four decades ago because of Socialism has killed opportunities there.

Politically charged it asked the question does capitalism create incentives of growth or take more than they share? You could make the argument that it does in some points then is the main issue of power-hungry individual issues? Thought-provoking yes, conclusive? maybe to that time period inside America. With a budget of $20 million to interview high profile people at the time, it just made over $17 million back at the box office.

IMDB Description: An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good.

Tackling corruption with governments and private industries you can not deny that stuff still happens. How unregulated policies affect how people behave in sets of events from history. Comedy times tragedy expressed in a radical way to achieve some truth to adversity. Half judge it for its entertainment value because it only explains specific attacks towards the distinct overall tone of the problem.

Michael Moore: What the fuck happened?

Micheal Moore documentaries have dated for me to some degree although their productions still hold up for cinematography reasons. Maybe because this doco is probably my least favourite from long time director and writer Michael Moore. Still, it holds enough memorable scenes for the pure experience alone. Nonetheless, it a depiction of economics and exposive footage hits enough notes to check it out yourself.

Michael Moore: [Narrating] This is capitalism. A system of taking and giving… mostly taking.


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